Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 166

The fighting field was not far from Yanjing City, but Yun Ting’s speed was always not fast, so that Lin Mumu could sleep more.
As a result, Qiu Jun arrived earlier than them, and was waiting for Yun Ting at the gate of the fighting arena.
With Qiu Jun, there were Qiu Feng and Ning Heze.
Lin Mumu got out of the car in a daze, but still called out politely:
“Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother.”
“Student Lin Mumu, I asked, I’m one year older than you, when will you call me Sixth Brother?” Qiu Jun said sourly.
“Yeah.” Yun Ting raised his eyebrows: “In the next life.”
“Second brother, you are my own brother.”
“What about me? I’m going to go back and tell our dad that you want to change your surname to Yun.”
“As long as Brother Yun is willing, anyway, I have no objection.” Qiu Jun had fallen in love with Yun Ting to the point where he had gone insane and didn’t even want his own father.
With Qiu Jun as the living treasure present, the atmosphere suddenly became more lively, and Qiu Jun was better at being a man, everyone was a student, so he greeted Chen Fangya, An Xiaoqin and Zhou Qiang very well.
Walking and chatting all the way, he told them the popular science about playing in the fighting field.
Yun Ting and Qiu Feng lead the team. They were the type who could enter the arena just by scanning their faces. The gatekeepers who were checking the tickets automatically opened the door when they saw Yun Ting, and found a waiter to lead them.
“This place is so bourgeoisie.” Chen Fangya sighed.
“Yeah, this place is modelled on the Western boxing grounds, and it’s a high-end membership club. I’ve heard of it before, but my elder brother would never bring me here. Now I can finally come in and have a look, and it’s with Yun Ting. Hahaha, Su Xinlan and Yun Ruoshan are going to be jealous of me.” An Xiaoqin looked excited, so she didn’t tell Yun Ting and Lin Mumu that she had already shown off to her whole family on the way here.
Led by the waiter, they walked to a small lounge, where Lin Mumu and the others were led to sit, while Yun Ting, Qiu Feng and the others had already gotten up, pulling Zhou Qiang to change clothes together.
“Xiao Jun, take good care of your second sister-in-law.” Fourth Young Master Qiu Feng greeted him.
“Okay, second brother, don’t worry!” Qiu Jun responded to Yun Ting.
“You’re definitely not my real brother!” Fourth Young Master Qiu shook his head helplessly.
“Well, from our family.” Lin Mumu answered for him in a good mood.
“Yeah, second sister-in-law, you see how handsome I am, so you accept me.” Qiu Jun also continued to sell himself well.
“You’re not afraid of Yun Ting beating you.” An Xiaoqin joked.
“I didn’t say anything, I really didn’t say anything.” Qiu Jun was terrified when he thought of Yun Ting protecting Lin Mumu.
“It seems to be quite quiet here, and there is holiday villa written outside the door.” Lin Mumu looked around.
“Second sister-in-law, you don’t know, it’s called policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. The fighting field is not allowed from the top, so this place looks like a holiday villa, and we are also at the holiday villa now. After changing clothes, there are special cars to take us into the mountains. The real fighting arena is in the mountains. The air is good and the environment is even better. All in all, it is very powerful. You have never seen it before, and you will never experience the excitement of punching the flesh.”
“We are girls, we only like moving meat from the plate to the mouth.” Lin Mumu’s true nature of foodie was exposed.
“Second sister-in-law, I’ll make you barbecue when the time comes. There is a barbecue rack inside, and the seasonings are all prepared, so you can do it yourself.”
“You don’t need to do it. Our Zhou Qiang’s barbecue level is definitely better than yours.” Chen Fangya looked smug.