Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 167

Qiu Jun nodded his head, talking about this, he and the few girls chatted to death.
He originally wanted to tell them how fun the fighting arena was, betting, watching boxing, and by the way, also wanted to promote his idol Yun Ting.
But who knew, the topic suddenly turned to barbecue.
Besides, Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya were still asking, “What kind of meat is there?”
“Is it wild? How is it different from the outside?”
“Is it really wild? Can you still hunt by yourself? That’s so interesting.”
“This resort is really good!”
No, no, this was a fighting arena for the girls.
Fortunately, Yun Ting came out quickly, picked up his problematic wife, and sent Qiu Jun to change clothes.
In front of Yun Ting, both Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya suddenly became ladylike again, no longer discussing the topic of eating, and praised seriously.
“Yun Ting, you look so handsome in this outfit, showing off your muscles. Look, our buns won’t leave because of you.” Lin Mumu looked like a nympho.
Yun Ting was inexplicably pleased by her, and knocked on her small forehead casually: “I’ll show you slowly when I get home, and you can watch it any way you want.”
Lin Mumu bit her lip, blushed, but couldn’t help it. She couldn’t stop thinking about Yun Ting’s appearance.
Ah, she seemed to be at a disadvantage, every time she was eaten up and wiped out for no reason, and she didn’t even have time to appreciate Yun Ting’s muscles.
A person like Yun Ting, who underwent special training all the year round, had a body that even those fitness trainers could not compare to. If those fitness trainers were muscles, her family Yun Ting was an evolved version of muscles.
“When we were in high school, we read Jin Daxia’s martial arts novels. In the novels, there were descriptions of people flying over walls and fighting against thousands of troops. That must be the case.” Chen Fangya and Lin Mumu had always had a tacit understanding.
“Oh, that’s all fiction.” Brother Ning couldn’t help giving them a popular science lesson: “According to medical theory, although the human body has unlimited potential and can be stimulated through certain training, these things still have a limit. Once the limit is exceeded, it is like a balloon that is blown too much and will burst.”
While the few people were talking, the waiter had already dispatched a small bus to take them to the mountains.
The excitement in the mountains was like two worlds compared to outside the mountains!
Lin Mumu finally understood how short Qiu Jun, a science student, was in his ability to express.
It was obviously such a lively and fun place, but he said that it was a place where “fist to the flesh” and “grill to the flesh” ~
There were so many long-legged girls in mini-skirts dancing here, couldn’t he see it?
There were so many delicious and practical pastries here, had he never tried them?
There were so many people here that the scene was livelier than watching a football game. Had he ever even participated in it?
With Yun Ting leading the team, Lin Mumu and the others got the green light everywhere, and when they arrived at the fighting arena, they were brought to the front position.
At this time, a Chinese man and a Caucasian man were fighting, and this scene was exactly as Qiu Jun said, fist to flesh, both of them had blood stains on their faces and bodies and it looked a little scary.
But this feeling of punching to the flesh made the audience extremely excited and they kept screaming.
“Kill him to death!”
“Come on, don’t hold back! Mike, I bet 30,000 on you!”
“Li Tang, come on, let the foreigners know how powerful our Huaxia Mantis Boxing is!”
In the crowd, there was a lot of voices, shouting non-stop.
Judging by the names of the two people in the arena, the tall Caucasian man should be named Mike, and the Chinese man who was obviously half a head shorter in the arena was Li Tang.
Mike was more resistant to beating than Li Tang, and now Li Tang was clearly at a disadvantage.