Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 171

“Lin Mumu.” Yun Ting said suddenly and seriously.
“Ah?” Lin Mumu responded obediently. Once Yun Ting became serious, she and her dog were very obedient.
“Do you want to eat bear’s paw?”
“No.” Lin Mumu guessed what Yun Ting was going to do, and quickly shook her head: “You are better than bear’s paw.”
It was really inhumane for a couple to abuse a dog, to abuse him the single dog and the little white dog in Lin Mumu’s hands together!
That’s all, Yun Ting actually gave him a slap in the face.
Wuwu…, second brother, you are not like this. You used to call me Xiao Si, but now you only have second sister-in-law in your eyes, and I have been deprived of the right to speak out.
But, what can be done, who made Fourth Young Master Qiu unable to defeat Yun Ting, so that he could only obediently be a silent handsome man.
For Lin Mumu’s affirmation, Yun Ting pretended not to hear, and continued his routine: “If you want to eat bear’s paw, stay here obediently, no matter what happens, don’t come over.”
“I don’t want to eat it.”
“It’s not that I haven’t eaten bear’s paws in eight lifetimes!”
Yes, she had. In her previous life, Yun Ting went to Heizhou and brought her a pair of bear’s paws, especially for the cook to prepare them for her to eat.
That was also the only time they got along in a friendly manner in their previous life. At that time, she also had a crush on Yun Ting, but unfortunately~~
Lin Mumu’s words also aroused Yun Ting’s memories. He glanced at Lin Mumu, stretched out his hand and tapped on her forehead. After a while, he didn’t say anything more.
His actions told her: “Don’t worry, I will come back.”
It was inconvenient to shout here, otherwise Lin Mumu would have to shout Yun Ting, and then he wouldn’t be able to go if she acted coquettishly.
It was a pity that she couldn’t, someone was hunting a bear, if Lin Mumu was too loud, it could startle the other party, and she was afraid it would make Yun Ting’s situation more dangerous.
There were about eight people on the other side, and there were only three of them, including Lin Mumu who could only run but not fight.
But Lin Mumu was worried about Yun Ting, so she just tiptoed around after Yun Ting went out.
Yun Ting and Qiu Feng moved together much faster than Lin Mumu. When Lin Mumu could see the scene of eight people besieging the bear from a distance, Yun Ting had already joined in.
Why didn’t he hide? Just walked over?
Lin Mumu who was hiding behind was surprised, but Yun Ting said bluntly: “My wife wants to eat a bear’s paw, you can go.”
Well, this reason was domineering, but Lin Mumu liked it!
But the other party was not happy. They fought for a long time, and some were even scratched by the bear.
“Who is so courageous, didn’t you see that Young Master Xing is doing something?” A man with a demonic look rolled his eyes at Yun Ting.
Yun Ting didn’t bother to talk to him, and got straight to the point: “I’ll count to three, if you don’t get out, I’ll help the blind bear.”
“Who is so ruthless! Even dare to snatch my Xing Xi’s things, what’s the matter?” The leading man started cursing without even thinking about it, and turned his head to face Yun Ting’s expressionless face, and then changed his color instantly: “So, it’s Brother Yun. There is no one left. Brother Yun, do you want our help? These friends of mine are quite capable.”
“Three.” Yun Ting ignored him at all and just counted.
Knowing Yun Ting’s uncompromising character, Xing Xi hurriedly greeted his subordinates: “Stop, withdraw, hurry up! Whoever is slow, don’t blame me if he dies.”
Before Yun Ting could count to one, Xing Xi’s troops had already withdrawn, but they didn’t go too far, unwilling to fall on the periphery.