Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 174

Xing Xi was also a little unwilling, and wanted to watch the excitement.
It was a pity that Yun Ting’s bustle was beyond the reach of ordinary people. In the end, he didn’t see the excitement, but he had to help.
“If you’re idle, you’re idle. Let’s help each other and go out to find Shao Yun to share some meat.” Xing Xi could only mobilize himself with a word of comfort.
In his small circle, he was the main one, so of course they listened to him. They had a few strong people, and they also want to see how two people could solve a bear so quickly.
What so many of them couldn’t do, was easily done by two of them, and they were somewhat unreconciled.
Originally, they expected to collect the corpses of those two people, but they didn’t expect them to have no injuries.
“This, this, this arrow technique is amazing.” One of them saw the three triangular arrows on the black bear’s head at a glance. Although the arrows entered through the eyes, they also crossed the bear’s head. This was the fatal injury.
Compared with the thick skin and thick flesh of the bear’s neck, the arrow that only pierced the skull was even more incredible.
Qiu Feng looked arrogant: “Tch, I still can’t blow the arrow of Qiu Shen? Are you afraid? Be honest, the bear’s paw is for my second sister-in-law, and the bear’s skin is for the two old men. Don’t think about keeping it.”
“Okay, don’t worry about my work. Seeing Brother Yun’s face, I don’t dare to do anything.” Xing Xi responded.
The matter was handed over to Qiu Feng, and Yun Ting was very relieved. Now his whole heart was hanging on Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu’s physique was not bad among girls, but it was only when compared with ordinary girls, and it was still much worse than well-trained people.
Let’s say she was a little Taoist nun. This little Taoist nun had been lazy since she was a child.
Lin Mumu’s physical strength was not enough to support the three arrows she shot, she obviously used some method to stimulate her potential before she fainted.
Yun Ting felt angry and distressed now.
Lin Mumu finally woke up, and was sticking out her tongue at Yun Ting, Yun Ting wanted to teach her a few words, but couldn’t bear to anymore.
Especially since Lin Mumu’s eyes were watery, and she took the initiative to say softly: “Hubby, I know I was wrong.”
She also stretched out her finger to lightly poke his chest.
The words “husband” successfully pleased Yun Ting. Instead of sneering at her, he said, “Don’t do it next time.”
“Hmm. I don’t want to have a next time. Now I’m so hungry that I could eat a whole bear!” Lin Mumu joked guiltily.
“Hey, the bear is there, you can eat all you want.”
Lin Mumu pretended to close her eyes and lean on Yun Ting’s shoulder, she couldn’t eat that much! She was not a monster, at most she was a kind of foodie among human beings, so she just ate a little more than everyone else.
The corners of Yun Ting’s lips raised slightly, and a pair of hot lips fell between Lin Mumu’s lips.
Lin Mumu couldn’t put it on any longer, and opened her eyes in a daze, with a look of grievance and questioning, along with more embarrassment.
There were so many people here.
“Just wake up, or I’ll give you artificial respiration again.”
“…” He did it on purpose, it must have been on purpose!
Lin Mumu’s face was swollen with anger, and Yun Ting poked it viciously, which really proved his success.
Lin Mumu was stunned for a long time, but didn’t come back to her senses.
Yun Ting didn’t dare to tease her too much, and ordered over there with a serious face: “Let’s go.”
“Ah, oh.” Now Xing Xi’s legs were weak, and it was difficult to walk.
That bitch Yun Ruoshan was cheating me to death. Didn’t she say that this girl was just Yun Ting’s casual play thing!
This was called casual play? Thinking of his idea of beating Lin Mumu, Xing Xi felt that he really shouldn’t have come to today’s fighting arena.