Novel Name : Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 175

A few people over there were tossing bears, Lin Mumu struggled to stand up and walk by herself, but Yun Ting picked her up like a chicken and hugged her horizontally.
“I can walk on my own, you must have been so tired just now~” Lin Mumu whispered.
“Not tired, not as tired as last night.”
Lin Mumu’s face turned as red as a boiled lobster.
This bastard, why did his persona as the cruel major general collapse every minute?
She looked up but couldn’t meet his eyes.
He had already strode out with her in his arms.
After walking for a while, there was a small truck with a car parked in front of it, and Yun Ting was not polite, and sat in it with Lin Mumu in his arms.
A few people worked so hard to move the bear back, only to find that they had to ride the truck with the black bear to return it. What a fucking day.
Most importantly, this trophy was not even theirs!
“Brother Yun, sister-in-law, I’ll drive for you.” Xing Xi said flatteringly. In fact, this was obviously his car.
Yun Ting didn’t answer, but looked at Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu curled her lips: “There is a free driver, so don’t take it for nothing. By the way, you wouldn’t intentionally drive us the wrong way and send us to the tiger’s mouth, would you?”
“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I’m good at driving.” Xing Xi finally relieved.
Although the conversation just now was short and ordinary, it was actually very important.
Xing Xi’s request to drive was a gesture of admitting his mistake and apologizing.
After all, Yun Ting robbed his bear and his car, and he was quite aggrieved along the way, but he only hoped to resolve the matter of offending Lin Mumu before.
And Yun Ting handed over the choice to Lin Mumu, which made Xing Xi realize the weight of Lin Mumu in Yun Ting’s heart even more.
Lin Mumu agreed, even if she accepted his apology, the previous matter was basically over anyway.
But Lin Mumu was not reconciled, and couldn’t help but mutter: “It seems that Director Lu and Lily also think that you are not as handsome as Yun Ting, otherwise they would not form a group to hook up with my husband.”
Xing Xi was so scared that he almost lost control of the steering wheel, so after cursing the idiots in his heart, he quickly said, “Don’t worry, such a thing won’t happen a next time.”
“Are you?” Lin Mumu said with a relaxed face.
“Huh?” Yun Ting’s face became more angry.
“Grandma, can’t I beg you?” Xing Xi was so frightened that he almost cried.
According to Young Master Xing’s traits of caring for the girls, he would indeed lend a helping hand to the girls who called him, but the price was often paid by flesh.
If he still dared to think about this kind of thing about Lin Mumu now, he would really have eatem a bear’s heart and leopard’s courage.
Xing Xi knew that this matter could not be delayed, so he immediately called: “Mr. Zhu, is Director Lu of your AC Film and Television still in Yanjing? Well, just go to Heizhou, and wish him a smooth journey for me. By the way, Lily, isn’t she going to go the international route, let her go with Director Lu.”
Xing Xi finally breathed a sigh of relief after making the phone call, changed his face cautiously, and asked Lin Mumu: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, these two people will never appear in front of you in the future.”
“Whether they show up or not is none of my business, right? I’m not familiar with them.” Lin Mumu simply closed her eyes to rest.
It’s not that she wanted to be arrogant, but as Yun Ting’s woman, she couldn’t hold Yun Ting back.
Xing Xi, who was driving, glanced at the rear-view mirror, and his heart was racing. He actually smiled when he saw Yun Ting! Yun Ting also smiled? Except for the sneer…

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