Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 176

On the other side, Qiu Jun was waiting outside, and suddenly answered the phone, and couldn’t help shouting: “I’m sorry, as expected of my second brother, he actually hunted a bear!”
Then there was a burst of laughter.
Bear, such a huge monster, could people kill it casually?
But Qiu Jun still took Chen Fangya, Zhou Qiang and others, and hurriedly contacted the staff to get some big grills. The most exaggerated one was a charcoal grill, the kind that could be used to hang meat inside.
The big commotion here attracted many onlookers, and when Yun Ting and the others got off the car, there were even more onlookers.
Such a big bear… how did it die? Many people were busy looking at the head bear’s injury.
“The fatal injury is in the eyes. The aim is very strong, but the strength is still a bit weak, otherwise there is no need for the third arrow.”
Li Tang, as a member of the Chinese martial arts circle, also came to join in the fun, and his vision was terrifyingly accurate.
Lin Mumu didn’t care about these anyway, she just stared at the bear’s paw.
“Wait.” Yun Ting scratched Lin Mumu’s nose, took off the four bear paws with his own hands, and then began to deal with them.
The remaining bear skin and bear meat were naturally handed over to the fourth and fifth brothers, as Yun Ting didn’t like such a troublesome thing.
They robbed Xing Xi’s bear. They wanted the skin and bear’s paw. There was a lot of bear meat and they couldn’t take it out of the hunting grounds, so they could only share it here for everyone to taste.
“Don’t snatch it, this piece of leg meat is reserved for my second brother and second sister-in-law. Which of you can barbecue?” Qiu Feng always thought that the thing was Lin Mumu’s spoils.
“Let me come.” Zhou Qiang raised his hand: “I also roasted some wild game in my hometown.”
“Okay, then I’ll give it to you.”
“This one belongs to me, a sharpshooter, do you have any objections? This one is for Beauty An, why? Because she looks beautiful!”
According to Qiu Feng’s unreasonable division method, they were divided into one foreleg and one hind leg.
Bear’s, not cow’s and not sheep’s.
This amount was scary, and it was estimated that they would not be able to finish it.
Then Xing Xi also split his legs, and casually distributed the rest to the staff.
This thing, good or bad, was an edge ball, and it was illegal to take it out. After all, people cherished animals. Even though this fighting arena was also illegal, but it couldn’t stand something liking it.
Lin Mumu followed Yun Ting like a little tail, watching him clumsily handle the bear’s paw.
Yun Ting was thinking, making two bear paws for Lin Mumu with his own hands.
But he didn’t have any cooking skills. In an emergency when he was away from home, being able to bake things was his highest standard. Yun Ting didn’t pursue delicious food.
Now it’s all right, he missed the opportunity to show off in front of his wife.
“Such a good thing, let me do it.” Professor Lin’s voice came.
Lin Mumu didn’t expect to meet his master here.
“Master!” Lin Mumu screamed excitedly: “Master, it’s great that you come here to play too.”
“Yeah, that’s great, someone made bear’s paws for you.” Professor Lin scolded Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu didn’t dare to argue with Professor Lin, and boasted like a dog: “Master, didn’t you say that your cooking skills are better than any imperial chefs, so just try your hand and let them worship you.”
The flattery was well done, and Professor Lin was very satisfied.
“Bring it here.” Professor Lin took the bear’s paw from Yun Ting’s hand politely, and started the on-site teaching again: “Boy, take care.”
“Hey, old guy, I’m your apprentice.” Lin Mumu’s heart plugged.