Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 177

Warning 18+ content; hints of racism
“Go to rest, don’t think I didn’t see it!” Professor Lin’s face turned dark instantly.
Lin Mumu crawled away obediently, it was hard to get caught, I hope the master will let me go.
Lin Mumu was pretty good at aiming, but she was physically weak, so it wouldn’t be useful to give her a gun. But drawing a bow and shooting an arrow was all about arm strength, it was good if she could draw it, and then she shouldn’t have the strength to shoot it out.
At that time, she remembered what her master said, that the human body had infinite potential, and a temporary burst could stimulate extraordinary abilities, but the price was also very high, and it was not suitable for regular use.
Of course, Professor Lin also taught his precious apprentice the method of temporarily stimulating potential, and repeatedly told her not to use it indiscriminately.
Lin Mumu also saw Yun Ting’s dangerous appearance, so she couldn’t care less about anything.
It was all right now, after being taught a lesson by Yun Ting, she would now be caught and taught a lesson by the master again.
Lin Mumu sat on the side with low interest, and didn’t watch her master teach Lin Tianlang and Yun Ting how to make bear paws, and didn’t wait for Zhou Qiang and Qiu Jun to barbecue, instead she just found a secluded place to sit in a daze.
She seemed to really care too much about Yun Ting, causing her judgment to be wrong.
Yun Ting’s skill should not need her help, he just needed to consume some more time.
Yun Ting studied very seriously, Lin Mumu really wanted to tell him that bear paws were not Chinese cabbage, it was impossible to have them every day, and it was useless to learn how to cook them well.
Lin Mumu was about to get up but was stared at by a short-haired woman in black clothes.
“Hello, my name is Noko Inoue, you and I, go to fight.” The woman’s Mandarin was not standard, with a strong Sakurajima accent[1].
“No.” Lin Mumu refused without even thinking about it: “I’m a lady, and I don’t know how to fight or kill.”
Lin Mumu was taught by Professor Lin since she was a child about national heroes, not to forget national humiliation, and how their Taoist predecessors from Sanqing Temple were once so glorious.
Of course, Professor Lin did not forget to instil in Lin Mumu the hatred for Sakurajima country since childhood.
Although now was an environment of international integration, so Lin Mumu would not rush to Sakurajima country to make trouble, but her dislike for them had been deeply rooted in her bones.
So she didn’t like this woman, there was nothing wrong with it. What’s more, the other party’s tone was full of arrogance and difficulty, so Lin Mumu didn’t bother to talk to her.
“You, coward, disgrace Young Master Yun.” The woman gave Lin Mumu a provocative look.
Lin Mumu was really heartbroken, Yun Ting, come out and explain to me, how did you bring peach blossoms from the Sakura Island?
“It’s up to you?” Lin Mumu gave the woman a blank look, and was too lazy to talk nonsense with her, so she turned and left.
“You, stop, coward. Try to compete with me.” The short-haired woman was anxious and provoked from behind Lin Mumu.
Yun Ting was busy learning how to cook bear’s paws from Professor Lin at this time, but his eyes drifted to Lin Mumu’s side from time to time.
At this moment, Yun Ting frowned slightly, raised his long legs, and was about to walk over.
Yun Ting just took a step, but Professor Lin suddenly said calmly: “You are so bloody, you are so scary, go change your clothes first.”
The blood stains on his clothes were indeed particularly glaring.
He was busy cleaning up the mess before, and he didn’t pay attention to this detail. Looking at it now, it was really scary, and his hair was also stained with blood.
Professor Lin blocked Yun Ting’s purpose, he didn’t want to let him help Lin Mumu.