Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 178

The little daughter-in-law couldn’t be ignored because of the need to change clothes!
“Lin Mumu.” Yun Ting casually called Lin Mumu to help him out: “Come with me to change clothes.”
Lin Mumu’s depressed little face stretched out when she heard Yun Ting’s voice, and she didn’t bother to talk to the Sakura Island country girl any more. The girl, Noko Inoue, turned her head and ran towards Yun Ting.
Noko Inoue had a gloomy face, and after raising her eyes to glance at Yun Ting, she refused to give up, and simply reached out to grab Lin Mumu’s shoulder.
What she did this time was not a normal person’s gentle grabbing, but used a lot of strength and skill. If Lin Mumu was caught by her, her arm would have been dislocated.
Of course Lin Mumu felt it, and her face turned cold instantly.
Just when Noko Inoue’s hand was about to rest on Lin Mumu’s shoulder, she suddenly felt a pain in her wrist.
When she came back to her senses, a white shadow had already flashed in front of her and flew into Lin Mumu’s arms.
But her hand that was supposed to be on Lin Mumu’s shoulder was interrupted by Lin Mumu’s sudden stop and turning around.
Was it a coincidence? Or was that little girl quick enough?
“I’m sorry, I have something else to do.” Lin Mumu looked at her with a hint of pity?
Lin Mumu’s words were light and meaningless, but because of this turn around, she avoided Noko Inoue’s ruthless slap.
If she caught her, she would have crushed the shoulders of this weak Chinese girl! How could such a delicate flower in a greenhouse be worthy of someone like Major General Yun?
But that girl was a little weird.
When Noko Inoue came back to her senses, Lin Mumu had already gone far away, trotting to Yun Ting’s side, Lin Mumu smiled and said something to Yun Ting, and Yun Ting’s big hand patted her on the head lightly.
She was also holding a fluffy snow-white puppy in her arms, and she also rubbed against Yun Ting like her.
“Yezi, are you okay?” A familiar male voice pulled her back from her thoughts and eyes.
“Hiss, I’ve been plotted against!” Noko Inoue noticed her right hand, which was in pain and could not be lifted up as if it was broken.
“What’s going on?”
“Bitten by a dog!” Noko Inoue was not stupid, and immediately understood that it was Lin Mumu who let the dog bite her just now.
It was just that the puppy’s speed was too fast, and there was even no blood on its mouth?
“Let me take a look for you.” The young man looked at Noko Inoue’s wound, and with a strange expression on his face, he hesitated and said, “Yoko, did someone break your hand? There is no wound at all. No tooth marks. Dogs are innocent! One definitely didn’t bite you!”
Noko Inoue’s eyes also fell on her wrist, a little surprised in her heart.
Her wrist was as smooth as jade, with no blood stains or tooth marks at all, it really didn’t look like she was bitten by a dog.
But that white shadow was definitely Lin Mumu’s dog!
And right after the puppy seemed to have bitten her arm was she hit.
“Yezi, you’ve probably dislocated your wrist, hold on, I’ll fix it for you.” After the man finished speaking, he became ruthless and pushed Noko Inoue’s wrist violently.
“Ah!” Noko Inoue had good patience, but she still couldn’t help crying out when she was touched so suddenly, attracting countless curious eyes.
Lin Mumu also turned her head at this time, and made a funny face at Noko Inoue.
Her bun, that puppy face even made a humane grimace.
Noko Inoue always felt that there was something in Lin Mumu’s eyes, but she couldn’t figure it out.
“Noko, try moving your wrist?”
“Hiss, it hurts!” When Noko Inoue moved, she found that her wrist hurt even more. Maybe it wasn’t a dislocation.