Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 180

Lin Mumu was so calm that she pretended not to hear her and continued to eat her bear’s paw.
Although Lin Mumu was a senior foodie, she was also a good child who knew how to share food. She distributed a big bear’s paw with several friends. She even had a share for her puppy Baozi, and it was even the largest share.
After dividing it, Lin Mumu ate happily.
And her series of actions were all after Noko Inoue came to provoke her, and she just ate by herself because of Noko Inoue’s murderous eyes and the crowd watching the good things around her.
Not to mention, this little girl was quite greedy when eating, and the onlookers who were originally waiting to see the comparison, turned their focus to wanting to eat!
Noko Inoue felt a little overwhelmed, and was really pissed off by Lin Mumu, so she couldn’t help but yell aggressively: “Lin Mumu, why don’t you dare to accept my challenge!”
Lin Mumu deliberately omitted the word “woman”, shrugged and said: “If you are looking for an opponent, shouldn’t you be looking for the champion of our Huaxia Kingdom? You are looking for someone who is powerless, you are stupid or do you think I am stupid?”
Although Lin Mumu was cowardly, what she said was true and very reasonable.
“Lin Mumu is not stupid to accept your challenge even though you are a karate championship runner-up. You are so good at fighting, why don’t you challenge Yun Ting? Or you challenge Xing Xi.” Chen Fangya had long been unhappy with this Noko Inoue.
“Some people are really stupid, they can even issue such a challenge. How about this, I will compare you with Yue Xiong, whoever is younger will commit suicide, and those who dare not fight are cowards, how about it?” An Xiaoqin also added one sentence.
After being interrupted by Chen Fangya and An Xiaoqin, Noko Inoue’s momentum had already been lost, and people behind her kept pulling her away.
“No, I won’t go!” Noko Inoue was used to being self-willed, and this was the first time she had suffered such a big loss. Her hand was now as good as useless. After seeing it, the doctor said it was a broken bone, and it might not heal for the rest of her life.
Such a blow made Noko Inoue stare at Lin Mumu like crazy: “Huaxia woman, if you dare to play with me, I will give you 80 million.”
“I’ll give you 80 million too? I think this is faster and more refined.” After Lin Mumu finished speaking, she continued to eat her bear’s paw in a good mood.
“You villain!” Noko Inoue stretched out her other hand angrily, ready to grab Lin Mumu.
Yun Ting’s patience had already reached its limit, and he casually grabbed her arm, snapped it and broke it.
“Ah!!” Noko Inoue was also a human being, and she also suffered pain. Lin Mumu’s action was extremely fast that time, and she let Xiao Baozi act with a needle in his mouth, so she was not rude.
Where was she like Yun Ting, after breaking someone else’s arm in a simple and rude way, he was still not satisfied, so he stepped on her leg again.
Fortunately, the people behind Noko Inoue reacted quickly and pulled her back abruptly, and then apologized repeatedly: “I’m sorry, Master Yun Ting, Miss Noko was rude to your wife because she was angry for a while.”
“Since she knows it’s still my wife. How dare she deliberately provoke me, Yun Ting? Very well, in order to defend the reputation of himself and his wife, I can only accept the challenge of your Inoue family. How many of you have come?”
“Then come at me together.” Yun Ting casually dropped his coat and strode out.