Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 181

Warning; racist undertones
One against five?
Now it was fun to watch.
Almost everyone started to crowd around the stage, waiting to watch the excitement and bet.
“I want to bet on Yun Ting, 50,000.”
“I want to bet on Yun Shao, I want 300,000.”
“I want to bet on Yun Shao…”
The official betting booth became even more crowded.
Lin Mumu and others were also unwilling to show weakness, so they also called the waiter to place a bet.
They were here with Yun Ting, so they had special treatment.
“I’m sorry, everyone, this one-on-five is not a one-on-one fight, and we don’t open the betting.”
“Tch, you guys just said that you can’t open the market for Young Master Yun’s fight, and make such a bad excuse every time.”
Qiu Jun pouted helplessly: “I remember what you said last time? Oh, you actually said that your ticket issuing machine is broken, and the last time your boss’s aunt’s daughter gave birth?”
“Well, this is the regulation from above, and we can’t help it.” The waiter was quite professional, but he didn’t let go.
Lin Mumu understood now that even the fighting field couldn’t tolerate the existence of a humanoid monster like Yun Ting.
His existence had no suspense of winning or losing, so it would inevitably lead to one-sided bets, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it the same as the officials losing money?
Lin Mumu still wanted to earn some money, but it seemed that there was no way.
But it didn’t matter, ill-gotten gains were not desirable, the money earned from betting before, Lin Mumu had already transferred to the account of Gu Sange, helping out with charity.
Seeing what Lin Mumu did, An Xiaoqin and Chen Fangya didn’t covet the money, and donated it together.
They would rather not have money that messed with people’s hearts.
It was just that betting made them very happy, and they wanted to make money just a little faster.
Lin Mumu blinked, and suddenly saw Noko Inoue staring at her, as if wishing to eat her.
“Miss Noko, I heard that your Inoue family is very good at karate. There are hundreds of apprentices under your sect.”
“Do you really think that the martial arts gym of their Inoue family is all for display?”
“Oh, then your five will fight one, and I don’t know if you can win.”
“The Inoue family will definitely win!” Noko Inoue had a strong blind self-confidence.
“Yun Ting, we must win.” Lin Mumu exaggeratedly stretched out her small fist and shouted.
Her sound reached Yun Ting’s ears, and he turned around and gave her a smile.
And after Lin Mumu took the lead in shouting, it became a little provocative, and many people cheered loudly with her, shouting: “Yun Ting, we must win!”
Noko’s face became more and more ugly.
“You blind and arrogant Chinese people!” Noko Inoue responded to Lin Mumu not to be outdone, but seemed very imposing.
“Since we are both so convinced that our own people will win, how about this, I bet you one million, dare you?”
“!” Noko Inoue was also an ambitious person.
“Is that so, I’m bullying you.” Lin Mumu pouted.
“If the two of you are sure you want to gamble, it’s better to write down the notarial certificate first.” Ning Heze had been admiring the few wounds on the bear’s head in a low-key way before, with deep and peaceful eyes.
At this time, he suddenly came over and said, “Boss Du and I have a little friendship, why don’t we invite Boss Du to be a witness, what does Miss Noko think?”
“Will I still rely on your five million?”
“Okay, let’s be fair. If I lose, I won’t rely on you for a five million bet, and I will accompany you in the next match.” Lin Mumu responded proudly.