Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 184

Yun Ting glanced at Boss Du, and said casually: “Your fighting arena, since when did you start to like to serve foreigners? In this area of Yanjing, sometimes it’s troublesome to stand on the wrong side. Boss Du seems to be very free.”
Yun Ting didn’t say that he was nervous about Lin Mumu, but he took action directly. The direction he was going now was the direction where Lin Mumu had gone to cash her bet.
And the sudden sound of fighting over there made Boss Du’s heart skip a beat.
These fellows from Sakurajima Country wouldn’t be so bold, would they?
Yun Ting quickened his pace a little, and began to regret bringing Lin Mumu to this chaotic place.
Speaking of which, Lin Mumu really underestimated the shamelessness of the people of Sakurajima.
She came here with Ning Heze and Qiu Jun to get her spoils, which was right, wasn’t it just five million. She believed that for a person like Noko Inoue, losing five million won’t be unaffordable, right?
Unexpectedly, Noko Inoue said that her legs and arms were broken, and she was going to her dressing room to get a check.
In Lin Mumu’s heart, she had the idea that it was necessary to be defensive, and she must wait for the bank transfer.
Naturally, she and Noko Inoue didn’t need to go through these procedures in person, the staff in the fighting field would handle them for them, as long as they waited.
Then Lin Mumu didn’t want to stay in Noko Inoue’s lounge, simply because she didn’t like the Sakurajima people.
Seeing that Lin Mumu was about to leave, Noko Inoue was not reconciled, and suddenly pushed a temporary wheelchair in front of Lin Mumu: “Miss Lin, you took all five million, and now you are just leaving?”
Lin Mumu was even stunned for a moment, she really didn’t expect Noko Inoue to say such a thing. She wasn’t willing to gamble and admit defeat, wasn’t that the most basic principle of life?
Although Lin Mumu didn’t like this Noko Inoue, but she seemed to be a bold and generous person, how could she say such a thing?
“So, Miss Noko Inoue is planning to renege on the bet? That’s okay, I’ll just treat it as feeding the money to the dogs.” Lin Mumu turned her head to leave.
It was true that she loved money, but she didn’t intend to be manipulated for the money.
The five million was all thought out, the ill-gotten gains could not be spent, but they could be used to do good deeds! Before that, Gu Qi even sent her some information about the living conditions of the military family members, making Lin Mumu always want to make more “ill-gotten gains” to do something for them.
Now it was, won’t Noko Inoue give it?
“It doesn’t matter, my family is dominated by men. If you want to renege on the debt, I can only let Yun Ting come to ask for it.”
“Miss Lin, I’m sorry, our Miss Noko Inoue spoke more directly, you may have misunderstood. Miss Noko Inoue means, that you have got the money, shouldn’t you heal her arm?”
“If you have a broken arm, why would you ask me to heal it instead?” Lin Mumu’s face sank: “What do you mean I got money? Did I grab yours? This is called willing to gamble and admit defeat, don’t you understand?”
Noko Inoue didn’t understand, she just wanted to mess around, she guessed she was either reluctant to lose the five million, or she just wanted to disgust Lin Mumu on purpose.
“I’m a doctor.” Ning Heze smiled softly and elegantly: “It’s a pity that my great-grandfather died at the hands of the people of Sakurajima. Our Ning family has an ancestor’s precept that we must not treat the people of Sakurajima, otherwise we will be expelled from the family. So, I’m sorry.”
Ning Heze said, and pulled Lin Mumu away.
There were still a few people from Sakurajima here. If Noko Inoue made a sudden move, they would not have the advantage.
He himself didn’t care, but if Lin Mumu was hurt, he wouldn’t be able to explain to his second brother Yun Ting.
They were really afraid of what would happen, just when they were about to leave, Noko Inoue suddenly made a move.