Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 187

Qiu Jun was really innocent!
On the way back, in order to be able to be with his idol Yun, Qiu Jun volunteered to drive for Yun Ting, and Zhou Qiang gave up his own car.
For such an enthusiastic and motivated young man, Yun Ting naturally satisfied his enthusiasm.
However, after getting into the car, Yun Ting pulled Lin Mumu to sit in the back row and opened the divider.
In this case, Qiu Jun would not be able to see Yun Ting and Lin Mumu even from the rear-view mirror.
He was half a step away from his idol, but he was separated by a barrier and a woman.
This was the portrayal in Qiu Jun’s heart at this time.
Fortunately, the divider was not soundproof, so he could still happily listen to Brother Yun’s voice up close.
It was just that the domineering and ruthless Second Brother Yun in his heart had already been harmed by Lin Mumu, the little witch, until there was no trace of cruelty in his voice.
It was precisely because of this that Qiu Jun had a sense that Yun Ting was also a human being, and that he could also talk to Brother Yun.
So he took advantage of Lin Mumu’s temporary pause, and interjected a sentence.
Qiu Jun thought he did a good job, and his timing was very accurate, as he did not cut off the words of second brother or second sister-in-law.
However, he interrupted Yun Ting’s more important matters!
Yun Ting had just pried open Lin Mumu’s lips and teeth, and when he was about to stick them together, he was interrupted by this kid!
Lin Mumu was thin-skinned, so she pushed Yun Ting away, her little face turning red.
Yun Ting could only answer Qiu Jun reluctantly: “Be careful, don’t talk nonsense while driving.”
The baby was very innocent, why do I have to be quiet while driving? His driving skills were very good.
“Brother Yun, don’t worry.”
“Yeah.” Qiu Jun was still under pressure, because Yun Ting who was talking to Qiu Jun and Yun Ting who was talking to Lin Mumu felt like they were two different people!
Lin Mumu didn’t dare to provoke Yun Ting, so she blushed and touched the big bear skin next to Yun Ting. After preliminary tanning and combing, the bear skin had become smooth and felt very good.
“Keep this if you like it.” Yun Ting said suddenly.
“No need.” Lin Mumu shook her head hastily: “We don’t lack this most in the mountains. Let’s give it to Grandpa Yun and Grandpa Qiu. They are old, so it’s better for them to use this thing in winter.” Old men lacked vitality, so it was easy to feel cold in winter, even with the heating, it was difficult to warm them to the bone, but with thick animal fur, they could.
“Well, I will warm you up in winter.” Yun Ting nodded solemnly.
“There are outsiders.” Seeing that Yun Ting was about to come closer again, Lin Mumu blushed and pushed him.
“Xiao Jun is not an outsider.” It was really hard for Lin Mumu to imagine how Yun Ting said such dark words with a serious face.
Hearing what Yun Ting said, Qiu Jun hurriedly followed: “Yes, yes, brother Yun, sister-in-law, tell me if you have anything to do, you are my own brother and sister-in-law, and I am not an outsider.”
“Don’t talk.” Yun Ting’s voice was a little serious.
Qiu Jun didn’t understand. Was it easy for people to wait for the opportunity to get in touch with their idols up close? Why don’t you let him talk?
Unexpectedly, when he spoke for the second time, he interrupted someone who was hugging his wife again.
Lin Mumu didn’t want to go home either, so Yun Ting sent her to the flower and bird market, and the two parted ways.
When Lin Mumu got out of the car, her face was reddish, she was surrounded by Yun Ting’s aura before, but now it suddenly disappeared. It was just that she was not used to it.
“Huh!” Lin Mumu took a deep breath to calm herself down.
The imperial capital Yanjing was located in the north, and the weather in September had begun to turn cold, especially now that it was almost dinner time.