Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 188

It was quite hot in the morning, so Lin Mumu was wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt. It felt really cold when the wind blew at this time, so she folded her arms around herself subconsciously.
Before she could continue walking, an army green windbreaker was already draped over her shoulders.
Lin Mumu didn’t look back, and casually closed the neckline of the windbreaker.
“So my little wife is so easy to kidnap? You don’t care whose clothes it is?” Yun Ting’s voice came from behind, and it was actually a little tasteful.
“I can smell your breath.” Lin Mumu laughed out loud.
“Do you think you are of the same kind as it?” Yun Ting casually nodded towards Baozi’s snow-white head.
The sleeping Baozi opened his eyes in a daze, and looked at Yun Ting innocently: ‘Boss, how did I offend you? Can’t dogs sleep well?’
“Look, it’s very similar.”
Not to mention, this little thing’s dazed eyes really looked a bit like Lin Mumu!
“You’re a dog, your whole family is a dog!” Lin Mumu turned his head angrily, and gave Yun Ting a fierce look.
Unexpectedly, Yun Ting stretched out his hand suddenly, and took advantage of the situation to pull her into his arms.
Lin Mumu bowed her head shyly, she thought he was going to take advantage of her.
But who would have thought that Yun Ting only hugged her once before letting go, and then opened the car door neatly: “Xiao Jun, get out of the car.”
“Accompany your sister-in-law to look at the store. I will give you a half-year probationary period, and if you perform well, you will be Little Sixth.”
“Yes, I promise to complete the task! Brother Yun is mighty, goodbye Brother Yun!” Qiu Jun got off the car happily.
Yun Ting didn’t dare to look back at Lin Mumu, he was afraid that if he continued to look at her, his feet would also grow on her body, and he wouldn’t be able to walk. He also wanted to stay with her, but things had to be done, so he could spend time with her when he went home at night.
Yun Ting drove by himself, and glanced at Lin Mumu in the rear-view mirror.
Lin Mumu had already turned around and walked into the gate of the flower and bird market, the tall, handsome and sunny Qiu Jun following her.
He felt a little bit stuffy.
But it was better to have your own people to watch than wolves outside.
Things like wolves outside were really hard to guard against.
As soon as Lin Mumu arrived at the flower shop, there was a man in a white suit sitting quietly in the gazebo outside the courtyard of her flower shop, drinking tea by himself.
This scenery even raised the popularity of her flower shop by a lot.
If it hadn’t been closed for renovation these few days, how many girls would have attracted to buy flowers with his image!
“Does Officer An always like to come uninvited?” Lin Mumu opened the door of the flower shop with a key.
Lin Mumu’s flower shop was decorated in a pastoral style with a front and back yard plus a small house, combining Chinese and Western styles. It emphasized both fashion and leisure. The overall environment was still very poetic, a bit like a coffee shop.
These decorations, Lin Mumu didn’t give them the slightest thought, they were all left by the previous owner. After being destroyed this time, it was also restored according to the original style.
The front yard had a half-person-high fence and an impenetrable anti-theft net. If it was closed for business and the door was locked, outsiders could still see the plants in the yard, but they could not enter.
Of course, we are talking about ordinary people, and special police officers like An Mingxuan were not included here. He not only went in, but also made coffee with Lin Mumu’s coffee machine.
Hearing the sound of Lin Mumu’s door opening, An Mingxuan raised his head and looked at Lin Mumu.
“I heard that you have opened a store. As a friend, I should come to support you.”
“Okay.” Lin Mumu responded heartily: “If police officers from Yanda come to our store more often, we will definitely make Pengpi grow up. At least you can help me get more clients, right?”