Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 189

“So you’re so cliche.” An Mingxuan was amused by Lin Mumu.
“In life, daily necessities, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea are not unconventional, and money will not fall from the sky.” Lin Mumu did not feel guilty at all.
An Mingxuan looked at Lin Mumu in surprise.
“You, you’ve changed a lot.” Was this still the little Taoist nun who made him feel that he had met a mountain elf when he first met her, who he was afraid would get polluted by the world?
The current Lin Mumu was really like an ordinary female student, with a lot of smoke and fire, and there was a faint obsequiousness between her brows, which was the uniqueness of young women, ordinary people couldn’t see it, but it couldn’t escape the eyes of a special policeman like him.
There was nothing wrong with being a young woman, at least she was more beautiful than before, and she also had the little charm that was unique to women, which could seduce people’s hearts with every gesture.
An Mingxuan used to be able to be friends with Lin Mumu naturally and discuss the truth, but now he was a little embarrassed and didn’t dare to look at her.
“I’m here because I heard that succulents are cute, and I want to buy some for the office. I’m afraid that the elders won’t be able to support other flowers. Classmate Lin, can you introduce some for me?”
Speaking of succulents plants, Lin Mumu’s brows and eyes crooked with a smile, and she began to strongly recommend to An Mingxuan the few small leaf cuttings that she had just planted and successfully re-potted.
“Don’t look at them now, they will grow up slowly in the future. Children who are raised by themselves will give them a sense of accomplishment, right? The most important thing is that they are very easy to raise, and they look very cute, as cute as my Baozi.”
Feeling praised, Baozi jumped out of Lin Mumu’s arms, then he let out a cry to show his sense of existence, and circled around the few plants he liked the most.
“Your dog, not bad, very spiritual.” An Mingxuan noticed just now that Lin Mumu was hugging a snow-white miniature pet dog. Now in Yanjing City and even several big cities in Huaxia Kingdom, it was popular among women to keep dogs, and they all wanted a mini version.
An Mingxuan didn’t say anything, he was really used to keeping police dogs, and he didn’t like the frailty of pet dogs at all.
At this moment, hearing Baozi’s response and seeing its agile round eyes, An Mingxuan also became interested, and wanted to reach out and touch Baozi’s small head.
Unexpectedly, this dog actually disliked him! After giving him a blank look, he rushed to the backyard.
“Baozi is more afraid of strangers, and I can’t do anything about it.” Lin Mumu smiled awkwardly.
“Who said that, Baozi really likes my second brother! Even the pet knows that my second brother is his master.” Qiu Jun saw that An Mingxuan was upset, so he took the opportunity to speak.
“Oh? This is an interesting little thing. It’s more spiritual than a police dog. I don’t know what breed it is?” An Mingxuan responded with a smile.
Qiu Jun snorted, with an unhappy expression on his face, and said in his heart: Pretend, continue to pretend, you will know that you will pretend to be a wolf with a big tail to deceive the little girl with a gentle face and a full stomach! My second sister-in-law is not the kind of girl who can be fooled casually!
Lin Mumu shook her head: “I picked up my Baozi in the mountains, and I don’t know what breed it is.”
Lin Mumu was not even sure whether this thing was a dog or not.
Moreover, Baozi was not picked up by Lin Mumu, it should be said that Lin Mumu, the owner, was picked up by Baozi.
It wasn’t that she brought it home, but that it forced itself on her by stalking and pretending to be pitiful~
“Student Lin is really lucky. It’s a spiritual pet.” An Mingxuan responded with a smile, but kept looking at the backyard, which was the direction of Baozi.