Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 190

Lin Mumu didn’t reject him directly, nor did she agree, but just changed the subject casually: “Brother An, do you know the Inoue family in Sakurajima?”
A family that was both black and white.
“It is rumoured that a general of our Huaxia Kingdom took refuge with some confidantes and went to Sakurajima. There are thousands of years of history in Sakurajima. It is impossible to withdraw from the organization unless you die.”
“Then what will happen if I accidentally kill someone from the Inoue family?” Lin Mumu continued to ask.
“You’d better not have this idea. The Inoue family’s underworld power in Sakurajima is quite large, and they have a strong desire for revenge. If you offend them, it may really trigger endless revenge.”
“But this is Huaxia, Yanjing here is our imperial capital.” Lin Mumu suddenly became upset.
“Yes, Sakurajima won’t go to war with us, but you can’t resist people secretly sending killers over here, can you?”
It seemed quite reasonable.
Lin Mumu nodded, and began to help An Mingxuan pick the succulents with her own hands.
“For the uniform image of the police station, I may need to customize the pattern of the flowerpot.”
“Okay, you draw it, and I’ll let someone do it.”
Lin Mumu found a pen and paper, and An Mingxuan began to draw.
An Mingxuan’s hands were fair, with long and strong fingers, and looked like the hands of a refined scholar. Lin Mumu glanced at them curiously.
She was really just curious! She wanted to compare them with Yun Ting’s.
Yun Ting’s complexion was a little yellower. Except for his slightly pale face, whether it was his back, abdominal muscles, or arms and fingers, he was basically a healthy bronze color, giving people a sense of strength and beauty.
In comparison, Lin Mumu still preferred Yun Ting’s bronze color, which looked more masculine.
It was a pity, Lin Mumu was a little dazed thinking about Yun Ting in her heart, and her eyes were a little wandering, but in Qiu Jun’s eyes, it seemed completely different.
Qiu Jun was in a hurry, so he took out his mobile phone secretly, and sent a text message to Yun Ting:
“Report to the second brother, there is a situation, there is a little boy who is trying to seduce second sister-in-law. Second sister-in-law seems to be a little tempted!”
“He is more handsome than me?” The text message was answered almost instantly.
Qiu Jun was so scared that he doubted his life. It was the first time in his life that Yun Ting replied to his text message so quickly. Was this really happening?
He looked at the sender, it said the name in his phone book: “The most handsome and strongest second brother in the universe”, it’s true, there couldn’t be a second person whose name he specially changed to such a stylish name.
Qiu Jun was stunned for a moment, then excited, before he remembered to reply the text message: “No.”
“Then it’s over. Mumu is not that kind of person, don’t guess randomly.” Yun Ting’s text message was calm and breezy.
But Lin Mumu received a call soon.
“What do you want to eat tonight?” Yun Ting’s voice was gentle and pampering.
“Well, let’s eat light food, preferably with vegetables. Bear’s paws are too nourishing.”
“Okay, I’ll call later and ask Aunty Wang to make it for you.”
“By the way, I also want to have fish porridge.”
“When will you be back?”
“Waiting for you.”
“Well, I still have an hour.”
“Okay, ah, it’s only an hour, then I’ll be too late.”
Lin Mumu didn’t even hang up the phone, she started running to the backyard in a hurry, and left a message for Qiu Jun: “Qiu Jun, help me receive Police Officer An.”
“I will follow the orders of my second sister-in-law!” Yes, one phone call can take care of your rival.