Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 191

It was not because Yun Ting said that it was only an hour, and Lin Mumu had been thinking about her spoiled flowers for a few days.
Yun Ting just wanted to urge Lin Mumu, but he didn’t expect his words to make her exhausted.
Three hours later, when Yun Ting came to pick up Lin Mumu, she had already fallen asleep lying on the hard stone table.
As for An Mingxuan, after going to the backyard to see Lin Mumu planting flowers, he felt that there was nothing to do, so he proposed to ask Lin Mumu if she wanted to have dinner together, Lin Mumu said that she would wait for Yun Ting.
Afterwards, An Mingxuan took his leave first, and did not harass Lin Mumu again.
Yun Ting was not willing to wake up Lin Mumu, so he simply picked up the little girl and put her back in the car.
Qiu Jun obediently and sensibly put Lin Mumu’s things into her schoolbag, then handed them over, and consciously got into the driving seat.
“Didn’t you eat dinner?” Yun Ting asked Qiu Jun.
“No.” After Qiu Jun answered, he bewilderedly realized that what the second brother asked was whether Lin Mumu had eaten or not!
“My sister-in-law has been busy with her flowers, so we didn’t go to eat. On the way, An Mingxuan sent two pairs of grilled chicken wings over, and we divided one each as a pair.”
“Hmm…” Yun Ting blamed himself a little, if he knew it earlier, he wouldn’t have lied to her.
It was also because he cared too much about Lin Mumu that he became self-willed temporarily.
How could his little wife like other men? He said that he would not restrict her, so why did he unconsciously dig a hole for her.
If she had known that Yun Ting was coming so late, Lin Mumu would’ve bought something to fill her stomach, after all she loved snacks so much.
“Remember to buy some potato chips and biscuits next time and put them in the store. She likes to eat them. Ask your third brother to reimburse the money. Don’t be polite to us.”
“Okay!” Qiu Jun responded quickly.
He could already call Gu Qi third brother? Is he a non-staff member who can become a regular at any time?
Lin Mumu also woke up halfway, stuck out her tongue towards Yun Ting, took an apple that Yun Ting handed her, and began to bite.
After biting halfway through, she remembered: “Oh, did you bring Baozi here?”
“Aww~” Baozi showed his small head from Yun Ting’s arms, and there was a little smugness in his cry.
Fortunately, Lin Mumu’s dog could find its owner by itself at any time, and get to Yun Ting’s attributes at any time. When Yun Ting was hugging Lin Mumu, it had already excitedly walked over and took the initiative to follow him home.
And in order to prevent Baozi from affecting Lin Mumu’s sleep, Yun Ting rarely took the initiative to hug it, and the puppy was so happy that he didn’t want to show his face from Yun Ting’s arms!
But now that Lin Mumu had woken up, Yun Ting put the bun back on Lin Mumu’s lap.
Yun Ting didn’t like sticking to cute and furry creatures, except Lin Mumu.
“I’m sorry.” Yun Ting said rarely.
“Ah?” Lin Mumu was startled by his sudden performance, what was doing all of a sudden?
“I’m late.”
“You’re a big shot, and you break your back for the country and the people. It doesn’t matter if I wait a while.” Lin Mumu said sincerely, with no sarcasm.
“No next time.”
“Huh?” Lin Mumu was confused, and Yun Ting didn’t explain.
Fortunately, they got home and interrupted their awkward chat.
Qiu Jun drove all the way, and by the way, he followed Yun Ting home for a meal!
“Second brother, the rice cooked by your cook is really delicious. Wow, the fish porridge can be so delicious.” Qiu Jun was also hungry, and he was full of praise for the food.