Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 192

Perhaps, eating together with Lin Mumu the foodie would unconsciously improve your appetite, and everything you ate tasted good.
“When I’m not around, you’re not allowed to come and eat.” Yun Ting said abruptly.
After eating a full meal, Lin Mumu started to feel sleepy. It was not that she was a pig, but Yun Ting had come back too late. He picked her up after nine o’clock, and it was after ten o’clock in the evening when they sat down for dinner. It should really be called supper.
After another day of tossing around, Lin Mumu was really sleepy.
“Are you full?” Yun Ting glanced at Qiu Jun.
“Yes.” Lin Mumu and Qiu Jun replied almost at the same time.
“Move when you’re full, and run back to school.” Of course Yun Ting was talking about Qiu Jun.
“Second brother, you are so cruel!” After sitting for a few minutes and eating a full meal, just as he was thinking of entering the second brother’s house full of joy, Qiu Jun was treated so cruelly.
“Second sister-in-law just had a full meal, why doesn’t she need to exercise?”
“I’ll take her to exercise together, you don’t need to worry about this matter.”
Qiu Jun rolled away unconvinced, and turned his head to see if the second brother was taking his second sister-in-law out for a run.
Halfway through the run, he suddenly understood the meaning of what his second brother said. The two of them were not doing outdoor sports, but in the bedroom… “Dog abuse!”
Qiu Jun howled and started to speed up.
And now that Lin Mumu just took a shower, she was really forced by someone to “exercise” in different poses.
After moving for a while, Lin Mumu couldn’t take it anymore and began to lie on Yun Ting’s chest and pretend to be dead.
“Lin Mumu, you have to exercise after dinner.” Yun Ting gave her loving hugs and encouragement.
The dead version of Lin Mumu had been launched, and she just didn’t move! Exhausted, exhausted, exhausted! It was more tiring than long-distance running, and it was also embarrassing.
“Don’t regret it.” The corners of Yun Ting’s lips rose.
Lin Mumu closed her eyes and pretended to be dead, she didn’t see the expression on his face indicating that the plot was successful. Otherwise, she would have considered whether to continue to play dead.
As a result, he turned over, turned into a tiger, and swallowed her into his stomach.
Little by little, piece by piece, wave after wave kept rolling like a tide.
When Lin Mumu thought everything was over and she was finally able to rest after being exhausted, this guy only rested for ten minutes, and wiped his and her sweat with a bath towel.
His movements were very careful and gentle, so that Lin Mumu fell asleep enjoying herself.
However, the prelude to another war woke her up again, and she still couldn’t escape the fate of being eaten again and again.
“Yun Ting, I’m not coming, I know I was wrong.” Lin Mu softly begged for mercy, this trick seemed to really work.
Today, when Lin Mumu begged for mercy in the fighting arena, Yun Ting forgave her.
Unfortunately, the current environment was different.
At this time, the voice of begging for mercy was a kind of encouragement, which only made Yun Ting fight more and more courageously, instead of letting her go.
This was also the question that Lin Mumu figured out after she resumed thinking the next morning.
The night was deep, and the thin and broken voices could not be concealed.
Lin Mumu didn’t know when he let her go, at the end she felt very tired, but also full and satisfied, at least she would never suffer from insomnia.
If it wasn’t for the alarm clock ringing non-stop the next morning, Lin Mumu would have slept until noon.
“Ah, no, it’s the master’s class in the morning, so I can’t be late!” Lin Mumu turned over in shock, changed into her school uniform in a hurry, didn’t even bother to eat breakfast, and hurriedly rode her bicycle back to Yanda for class.
Neither Yun Ting nor his car were at home, and he had obviously gone out.
Lin Mumu didn’t know what Yun Ting was busy with, but he had a heavy burden on him, so it was impossible for him to stay at home all day.
But, why are you so free to eat me? Every day is fixed and quantitative~
Thinking of this, Lin Mumu’s face was slightly hot, and she said to herself to cheer herself up: “I’m not a bad girl, we are a legal couple!”