Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 196

He did it on purpose, to make Lin Mumu worry, so that she would break through the formation as quickly as possible. To put it bluntly, he wanted his apprentice not to lose his face.
Lin Mumu was so angry, and had no place to vent it, who made that old guy who cheated her be her master.
Seeing that Lin Mumu turned around and was about to leave, Abbot Jueming just said, “Since Lin and Qiu are here, why don’t you sit down and drink a cup of tea before leaving.”
Lin Mumu could kick her master, but she still had to be polite.
Abbot Jueming had a competitive relationship with her master, but it seemed that there was still some friendship between the two Taoists. So, Lin Mumu had to give the abbot some face.
She could only pull Qiu Jun to sit down together, and obediently bowed to Abbot Jueming: “Thank you, Abbot, for the invitation.”
“I am an old Taoist.” Daoist Lingwu was very pleased.
Lin Mumu simply pretended she didn’t hear him, she was still angry! She had to forgive this old guy, but she couldn’t help but be angry for a while.
Looking at the old abbot, he really had a calm posture of a superior person, as if he had escaped from the mundane world without any fireworks, which made people want to look up to him.
Abbot Jueming just brewed a pot of tea with peace of mind and poured four cups, each of them a small purple sand cup.
Lin Mumu took the purple sand cup and drank it down, and said: “Good tea, more abbot!”
Qiu Jun was stunned, his sister-in-law was really domineering, and she was so unpretentious when tasting tea.
Although Qiu Jun understood the tea etiquette, he didn’t want to set off Lin Mumu’s impoliteness, so he drank it in one gulp.
“Hahaha, the two kids are full of vigor when they drink tea, this old man will also be bold today.” Abbot Jueming actually drank it all down in one gulp.
Daoist Lingwu was the last one, and he also drank it all at once: “Tea ceremony, tea ceremony, tea is only in the heart. If it is restricted by rules, it will be meaningless. You are worthy of this teacher who has taught you the tea ceremony for ten years. You have finally realized it.”
That being said, what Daoist Lingwu actually wanted to express was that it was not that his apprentice didn’t understand the tea ceremony, this damn girl did it on purpose!
Abbot Jueming smiled gently, expressing his understanding:
“Xiao You, Lin has a straightforward personality, and the old monk likes it very much. The old monk has accepted two new disciples, and I also let them come over. In the future, you young people should meet each other and communicate more.”
Abbot Jueming accepted disciples?
Lin Mumu blinked curiously, many things in this life were different from the previous life.
In the last life, her master often showed off in front of the old monk, because the old Taoist had two disciples and the old monk didn’t have any.
Unexpectedly, this time the old monk also accepted apprentices? What kind of person could fall into the eyes of the old monk?
Although Lin Mumu was curious, she sat quietly and waited.
In this holy place of Buddhism, just sitting quietly would make people feel like they were basking in the spring breeze.
Not to mention Lin Mumu, even Qiu Jun sat quietly, enjoying the tranquillity.
After the old Taoist priest and the old monk drank a cup of tea, they continued to play chess, and Daoist Master Lingwu faintly gained the upper hand.
Lin Mumu didn’t bother to watch them play chess, and concentrated on digging mines while holding her mobile phone.
And Qiu Jun also focused on typing with his mobile phone, as he promptly reported Lin Mumu’s situation to his second brother Yun Ting, the most handsome and strongest in the universe. Yun Ting hadn’t replied to him yet, it meant he was not free, when he became free, he would definitely reply to him!
An hour passed in the blink of an eye.
Lin Mumu cleared the mine-digging level three times, and the game of chess between the two old men was still not over yet!
Fortunately, someone knocked on the door at this time, interrupting the silence in the hall.