Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 198

“Yes, the old monk is convinced of his defeat.” Abbot Jueming nodded, and asked Zhou Qiang to put away the chessboard and start making tea again.
Fang Tianyong’s mind was very bright, once Daoist Lingwu said a word, he knew that he had misunderstood, the rumours of their relationship were true, and Lin Mumu was indeed the apprentice of this old Taoist priest.
Before, Fang Tianyong didn’t quite believe it, because Professor Lin and Lin Tianlang were both influential figures, how could Professor Lin be so careless about accepting apprentices.
Fang Tianyong thought that Lin Mumu claimed to be a student of Professor Lin because she was a student of the religion department. After all, all the students majoring in Religion were taught by Professor Lin, so she could say that.
Today, Professor Lin personally admitted their relationship, which was completely different.
Fang Tianyong could only hold back his displeasure with Lin Mumu, the little nerd, and curiously ask Abbot Jueming: “Master, in the round just now, you had a great chance of winning, why was it that Daoist Lingwu won, were you were pushed by Daoist Lingwu?”
Old Taoist priest, you are bullying my master!
“You shouldn’t have spoken.” Abbot Jueming shook his head: “I have lost another game as a teacher.”
“Why?” Fang Tianyong was completely dumbfounded. He was a person with some special abilities. Being promoted by others, even when he came to worship under Abbot Jueming, it was the old monk who first fell in love with him.
Today, he felt like his back was hurt a little bit, and nothing was going well.
“Zhou Qiang, do you understand?” Abbot Jueming turned to Zhou Qiang.
“The disciples didn’t understand in the first round, but in the second round I somewhat understood, people from our Buddhist sect should respect the master and have no dispute. The younger brother has lost the master’s face by speaking rashly, but Lin Mumu didn’t open her mouth. This round is what master had given away. I am ashamed, and I am not wronged if you say you lost.”
Fang Tianyong’s face became even more ugly, this brother Zhou Qiang had never given anything to the master, nor did he know how to speak to please the master, but the master just liked him more.
This time it was okay, as a senior brother, he directly reprimanded him for harming the master.
Fang Tianyong was not stupid, he knew what Zhou Qiang said was true, but he was somewhat unconvinced:
“I just think it’s worthless for Master.”
“It’s not worthless.” The old monk shook his head: “Originally I wanted Lin Xiaoyu to say it, but I’m afraid you won’t accept it, so let the old man tell you himself. It took you two 23 minutes to break the formation, and it took Lin Xiaoyu 15 minutes to break the formation. After you came in, you didn’t know how to save sentient beings, but were told to break it by the Taoist disciple. Although chess is chess, it also applies to human beings. The disciples of this old monk are not as good as Daoist Lingwu’s, so I lost this round convincingly.”
Was it his fault again?
Fang Tianyong looked at Lin Mumu bitterly, always feeling that this little girl was his nemesis.
After drinking tea, Fang Tianyong felt dull.
Fortunately, he was smart and winked. After knowing that he was wrong twice, he didn’t speak rashly again.
Even though his master, Abbot Jueming, being full of praise for Lin Mumu, made him extremely displeased to hear it, but he still didn’t interrupt.
Now what was running in Fang Tianyong’s mind was, Lin Mumu must have cheated, how could she break the formation faster than him, the gap between fifteen minutes and twenty-three minutes was just too big!
Fang Tianyong thought that his magical powers made him invincible.
The few people chatted casually, then Daoist Lingwu said goodbye.
He was here to show off his apprentice this time, with the opponent’s stupid apprentice as a foil, the task was overfulfilled, so why wouldn’t he go back?
“I came here by car, Professor Lin and classmate Lin, shall I give you a ride?” Fang Tianyong asked politely when they reached outside the temple.