Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 199

Although his speech and attitude were polite, the sense of superiority in his bones still made people feel uncomfortable.
In particular, he pointed to the white Maserati not far from the door, and said “modestly”: “It’s a bit crowded for five people, I hope Professor Lin won’t dislike it.”
“We appreciate your kindness, but we will find our own way back.” Lin Mumu’s reply to him was neither soft nor hard.
Qiu Jun even made a gesture of invitation to Professor Lin with winking: “Master Daoist, I adore you, but I regret that I have not been able to worship you as my teacher because of my shallow fortune. Then you must reward me and be my teacher. Shall I go back to be your coachman?”
“Yes.” His vanity satisfied, Professor Lin walked towards Qiu Jun’s car gracefully.
Qiu Jun was still a student, he was relatively low-key, and he didn’t drive a famous car, at least not comparable to Fang Tianyong’s.
But a car was a means of transportation, not a sign of luxury.
Even Zhou Qiang came over: “Student Qiu, let me take a ride too. I can help you when you’re tired from driving.”
Fang Tianyong looked at the four of them in the same car, talking and laughing, and leaving, although his car was good, he was the only one left.
“Hmph, what’s the air?” Fang Tianyong was so courageous that his breath became a little disordered.
“Xiao Fang, come in.”
Fang Tianyong was about to open the car door, but he heard Abbot Jueming’s voice from afar, so he had to lock the car in a hurry to find the master.
“After you go back, you should recite more Buddhist scriptures to cultivate your mind and cultivate your character. Remember not to use supernatural powers for personal gain, and don’t make enemies with Lin Mumu.” The old monk taught earnestly.
However, Fang Tianyong couldn’t listen to it at all, and asked instead: “Master, are you afraid of people from the Taoist sect? You are a person with boundless Dharma. Don’t worry, the disciple has disgraced you today, and I will definitely find a chance to get it back.”
“No, people in our Buddhist sect focus on letting go, and don’t compete for strengths and weaknesses. The ability of a spiritual master is no worse than that of a teacher, and Lin Mumu is also a powerful person. You must not provoke them again, otherwise you may be killed.”
Fang Tianyong was unhappy and unbelieving, but still nodded: “Disciple understands.”
“Go, be careful on the road.”
This tossing had been tossing until noon, and it was a bit late to go to dinner now.
“Master, I saved face for you. Shouldn’t you treat me to dinner?” Lin Mu looked at Professor Lin anxiously.
She was really confused by this old guy today. Just because of his broken face, he played her like a monkey! Make him bleed, make him bleed!
The old guy loved saving face the most, Lin Mumu spoke in front of Zhou Qiang, Abbot Jueming’s apprentice, of course to stimulate him to agree.
“No problem. I invite you to eat bear jerky today!”
The old Taoist was very bold, but ordered Qiu Jun: “Go to Lin Mumu’s courtyard.”
“Master, why do you come to my house to treat me to dinner?”
Where’s the face?
“Of course I’ll go to your house. I can’t trust others. Sister Wang’s craftsmanship is good, so I don’t have to worry. Although I didn’t do it myself, I taught her how to do it remotely. Is it different from what I do?”
What about the face? Can you cook a meal with a waste of words?
He used her fire, her people, her stove, her oil, salt, sauce and vinegar and bear meat!
Lin Mumu suddenly felt stuck.
“Xiao Zhou, come grab a meal with uncle.” Daoist Lingwu said to Zhou Qiang kindly.
“The elder dare not decline.”
So you use my family to do a favour?