Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 202

Lin Mumu really just followed obediently, and was held by Yun Ting and chatted for a few words, as they were about to arrive.
Because the distance was not far away, Yun Ting did not behave badly to Lin Mumu, he just kept feeding her food, bananas and kiwis, and he forgot the time and place while eating.
“Why don’t you get out of the car?” Lin Mumu finally realized that they had been sitting in the car for five minutes.
“Brother Yun said to wait for Zhou Qiang, and let the two of us go to practice later.” Qiu Jun looked excited.
Only then did Lin Mumu remember to see where they were?
The Japanese-style facade of the “Karate Martial Art Museum”, the several large Chinese characters were particularly conspicuous.
“This is the martial arts gym of the Inoue family? It actually opened in Yanjing?”
“Yes. China and Sakurajima are friendly neighbours now. It’s not wrong that they came in as a foreign company.”
“Still, is there really someone going to learn from a teacher?”
Lin Mumu felt very uncomfortable when she saw some parents bringing their seven or eight-year-old children in, “They are not afraid that their children will be brainwashed.”
“Because they offended Mrs. Major General Yun.”
“Who is Mrs. Major General Yun?” Lin Mumu had just finished asking, and after seeing Yun Ting’s weird gaze, she came back to her senses, why was she so stupid? In the entire Huaxia Kingdom, there was only one major general surnamed Yun, and his name was Yun Ting, and Yun Ting’s legal wife, there was no other person such person but Lin Mumu. She actually asked such a question.
Lin Mumu hugged Baozi’s soft white body to cover her face, she was completely ashamed to look at Yun Ting, and quietly found a step for herself: “I am, it’s easy to say.”
“Well, remember that next time.” Yun Ting said, his voice was neither happy nor sad, and there was no temperature.
At this time, Zhou Qiang also brought over Chen Fangya, as well as two other beauties, An Xiaoqin and Su Xinlan, who joined in the fun.
“Get out of the car.” Yun Ting pulled Lin Mumu out of the car.
Over there, Zhou Qiang and the others also got out of the car.
The mighty seven people, headed by Zhou Qiang and Qiu Jun, started to walk into the martial arts hall.
“Enrolment first, and pay the fee.” Someone greeted them quickly when they saw the group of them.
“Line up? No need, we’re here to kick the hall today!” Qiu Jun felt refreshed for the first time playing such a cool thing.
Yun Ting didn’t speak, but quietly took Lin Mumu’s hand and watched quietly.
With Yun Ting around, Qiu Jun and Zhou Qiang had the confidence. After all, their strength may not be able to challenge others’ entire martial arts gym. With Yun Ting around, if they couldn’t beat them, they would have their backing.
“Bastard, you Huaxia people, dare to come to our place to make trouble?”
“Kicking is a normal exchange process in martial arts. Why, don’t you dare to fight? Or is it that your karate martial arts have no skills and you only want to cheat money?” Zhou Qiang followed up.
At this time, Chen Fangya’s blood rushed to her head, and she stopped following Lin Mumu, and simply walked up to Zhou Qiang, stood shoulder to shoulder with him, and challenged loudly: “I heard that the karate masters of the Inoue family were picked out yesterday, and all of them were picked by others.”
“Get down on the ground. We heard that this martial arts gym is very challenging, so we wanted to try it.”
Bullying, it’s really bullying, but it’s very popular.
In terms of verbal battles, it was true that girls were more powerful.
Now was the time when the Karate Martial Art Museum has just opened and was fully accepting apprentices. Many parents brought their children to sign up, and the most concerning thing was whether there was any problem of being cheated.
Someone kicking the gymnasium happened to be the best way to test their strength.