Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 203

Chen Fangya just showed off, and many people clamoured for the Karate Dojo to send people out to fight.
Not to fight would show a guilty conscience, and a guilty conscience would indicate a martial arts gym that had no ability but to cheat money.
However, the relationship between China and Sakurajima was delicate. Although the Inoue family came to open a martial arts gym, they did not dare to send too many masters to China.
This led to the fact that the people brought by Noko Inoue yesterday were almost all the masters in the martial arts school, and they were all crippled by Yun Ting.
Today they really couldn’t find a master to fight.
“Yun Ting, do you really want to kill them all?”
Noko Inoue was pushed out in a wheelchair. Her face was painted with the popular cherry blossom makeup of Sakurajima Country. It was not as bold as yesterday, but it was much more charming and tender.
One had to say that Noko Inoue was beautiful, no wonder Hidesei Inoue, who was used to seeing all kinds of beauties, couldn’t let go of his niece.
She dressed so beautifully today, of course it was because of Yun Ting! Thinking of this, Lin Mumu was inexplicably annoyed, the feeling that her man was being coveted by others was not very good.
Yun Ting didn’t even look at her, but lowered his head and said something in Lin Mumu’s ear.
It was Qiu Jun who answered Noko Inoue:
“Miss Noko, what a coincidence, we came to your martial arts gym as soon as we said it. That would be the best. Don’t your Inoue family have many karate masters? Find someone to come out and fight us.”
“Don’t go too far!”
Noko Inoue almost fainted because of anger: “You know that all of us have been injured.”
“So many of you were beaten to pieces only by my Brother Yun. Do you still have the face to say it? I, Qiu Jun, am nineteen years old, and I haven’t studied martial arts seriously. If you practice casually, you still can’t find anyone to fight with me?”
“Ozawa, Sora, you two go!” Noko Inoue still couldn’t help being provoked by words, and sent two people to fight.
In this one-sided battle, both Qiu Jun and Zhou Qiang couldn’t help but want to thank Yun Ting for giving them the opportunity to show their faces in front of the girls.
It was not that they were too strong, but that the enemy was too weak~
After this fight, basically the popularity of this martial arts hall was dropped and underestimated, and those who originally queued up to sign up had all left.
But now the busiest place was still the reception area, full of parents waiting for their money back.
“There is a saying in your Huaxia country: Be the bigger person and stay on the line, so that we can meet again next time. Major General Yun, do you have to do that?”
Yun Ting didn’t look at her: “I don’t want to see you again.”
“I don’t want to either.” Lin Mumu was in a good mood, and stuffed the two peanuts she had peeled into Yun Ting’s mouth.
Eating snacks in public was not Yun Ting’s habit! But Lin Mumu gave it, so it seemed bad not to eat it? Yun Ting could only keep his face tense, and eat the two peanuts with a serious attitude.
Lin Mumu was amused by his appearance.
After Yun Ting finished eating the peanuts, he didn’t forget to ask Lin Mumu: “Is it fun?”
“It’s fun.”
“Okay, then we’ll come back tomorrow.”
Inoue responded coldly: “You don’t have to come tomorrow! We will be closed for a week.”
“Oh, then we will come again next week.” Lin Mumu looked at Yun Ting with a smile.
Yun Ting nodded lovingly: “Xiao Ning and the others haven’t practiced for a long time. Let him try next time.”
Ning Heze!
Hearing this person being mentioned, Noko Inoue’s face froze.
She came to China this time, and what convinced her was not only Yun Ting’s terrifying battle prowess but also Ning Heze, who looked like a frail scholar and had nothing to do except having stayed abroad but was surprisingly strong.