Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 201

Five minutes later, Lin Tianlang also rushed back, and the family gathered on a large table to wait for dinner.
The cured bear meat was of course the main dish, but there were also dishes such as chicken soup, mushrooms, and seasonal vegetables.
Anyway, this table was invited by Professor Lin, but Lin Mumu’s family paid for it. Who told her to be Professor Lin’s apprentice.
In line with the principle of not eating for nothing, Lin Mumu swept up the bear meat in a very shameless manner.
“It doesn’t feel as delicious as what we made in the mountains.” Lin Mumu, the foodie version, said.
“Nonsense, we smoked it on the stove for many years. Where do you smoke it here? What do you want to do with the smoked meat made in a day? Don’t eat it if it doesn’t taste good”, the old Taoist said with fried hair.
“It’s delicious, of course it’s delicious.” Lin Mumu responded obediently, and hurriedly grabbed the food.
The old Taoist got angry, and caught Lin Mumu’s chopsticks with one of his chopsticks, making it impossible for her to pick up the meat.
She had never seen such a stingy master!
Lin Mumu was full of anger, and the old Taoist looked proud.
At this moment, Yun Ting had already put a chopstick full of shredded smoked bear meat into Lin Mumu’s bowl.
Lin Mumu gave Yun Ting a sweet smile, and she didn’t even want the chopsticks, and let Yun Ting feed her.
Lin Daochang was completely lost, he could bully Lin Mumu, but he couldn’t bully Yun Ting, the master, at Yun Ting’s house.
“Eat more.” Yun Ting continued to eat in a good mood, and put two bites of meat into his mouth with the chopsticks that Lin Mumu had bitten, and it seemed to taste better.
“Lin Mumu, you should be careful with my junior brother.” Zhou Qiang said suddenly.
Yun Ting’s face froze suddenly, someone bullied his wife, why didn’t anyone tell him?
Qiu Jun only felt that his vest was covered in cold sweat. He really didn’t mean it, he just thought that Fang Tianyong was just a clown, and he was in a hurry to drive back, so he didn’t have time to send a text message to Yun Ting to report Fang Tianyong’s affairs.
“It’s okay, he can’t do anything to me. Now it’s a society ruled by law.” Lin Mumu narrowed her eyes and smiled.
“Junior Brother Fang is different from ordinary people.” Zhou Qiang felt it was inconvenient to reveal Fang Tianyong’s actual ability, so he could only remind her.
“Oh.” Lin Mumu continued to eat her smoked bear meat heartlessly.
Yun Ting continued feeding her with a blank expression, no one knew what he was going to do. The man never liked to put things on his face.
“Have classes in the afternoon?” Yun Ting suddenly said after eating.
“No, what about you?” Lin Mumu replied while eating the grapes she picked in his yard.
“Me neither.”
“I’ll take you out.”
“Okay.” Lin Mumu didn’t ask Yun Ting where was he taking her, anyway, she’ll just follow. Yun Ting would not sell her, he would be too reluctant.
“Xiaojun, Zhou Qiang, are you two coming?” Yun Ting asked.
“Okay. Second brother, where are you taking us to gain knowledge?”
“Fight.” Yun Ting said bluntly.
“I’m going, I’m going.” Qiu Jun immediately became excited.
“I have no problem.” Although Zhou Qiang was a very principled person, he was not pedantic. Although fighting was not good, it must be right to fight with Yun Ting.
“So exciting? Can I bring Chen Fangya with me?” Lin Mumu’s eyes lit up. Chen Fangya was most obsessed with men who could fight, and that’s why she was obsessed with Lin Tianlang. She must let her experience Zhou Qiang’s skills.
“Zhou Qiang, you drive my car to pick her up, and I’ll text you the location.” Qiu Jun made arrangements very consciously. Anyway, he was used to driving Yun Ting.