Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 205

Looking from a distance, Miss An’s figure was well-proportioned, even at the level of a fairy. An Xiaoqin often said: The most confident this sister about is not her face, but her figure!
Looking at it this way, it seemed to be true.
Lin Mumu was about to call them back, but when she saw Qiu Jun’s nose bleeding, she quickly handed him a tissue and asked nervously: “Qiu Jun, are you okay, have you been hurt?”
“Ah, no I’m fine, sister-in-law.”
“You said it’s fine, but your nose is bleeding, do you want to go to the hospital? These samurai from Sakurajima country know what to do, you are too kind, don’t be polite to them next time.” Lin Mumu uttered angrily.
“Silly wife.” Yun Ting couldn’t bear it anymore, and stretched out his hand to drag Lin Mumu back.
“But Qiu Jun.”
“I’m really fine.” Feeling An Xiaoqin’s teasing gaze, Qiu Jun blushed again.
“Yun Ting, it’s better for you to drive. I’m afraid that something will happen to Qiu Jun.”
Yun Ting nodded, and asked, “Where do you want to go?”
“Go back to the flower shop, there are no classes in the afternoon.” Lin Mumu replied, afraid of Yun Ting worrying about her delaying her schoolwork, Lin Mumu added: “My books are all in the flower shop, so I will study there.”
“Let’s change places?”
Su Xinlan even smiled at Qiu Jun in a friendly way: “I’ll go to the flower shop with Lin Mumu, and I can share the notes of the public class with Lin Mumu.”
“I’ll go, too.” Chen Fangya followed: “I’m going to take some photos.”
“Then why should I go back to school alone? As long as this beauty sits in the flower shop, she is a living sign.” An Xiaoqin was not to be outdone.
“I heard that classmate Lin’s flower shop was destroyed before. Let’s go to school together. Let me go and help.”
“Sister-in-law, I want to protect you.”
In the end, everyone went to the flower shop to help.
The three girls thought about it, and in order to prevent the dog food from being eaten, they sat in Qiu Jun’s car obediently.
Yun Ting drove the car himself, and Lin Mumu sat in the passenger seat holding his mobile phone to play minesweeper, and chatted with Yun Ting without saying a word. When it was just the two of them, Lin Mumu felt very relaxed.
As if he would tell everything that happened without knowing it, Yun Ting just asked casually: “Did you go to Jinshan Temple in the morning?”
Enlightenment was long.
This was just Lin Mumu’s subconscious reaction, but Yun Ting was very satisfied.
It had been said in criminal psychology: The best way to get a person’s inner secret was to let her fall in love, because love was like an anaesthetic, which made people addicted and forget to guard against it.
This was how Lin Mumu treated Yun Ting now.
This state made Yun Ting’s dissatisfaction disappear long ago.
It seemed that she was really afraid of him, afraid of delaying his affairs, that’s why she didn’t call him.
Lin Mumu was still very attached to him, at least she was willing to tell him what was in her heart, and her grievances, and complaints.
Lin Mumu twittered for a long time, and suddenly found that the car was not moving. Being confused, she raised her eyes to look at Yun Ting.
“We’re here.” Yun Ting just replied to her.
“Ah? How long has it been?”
“Ten minutes.”
“Why didn’t you tell me to get out of the car?”
“I’m glad you said it.”
So Yun Ting was a pervert, he liked to park the car outside their destination, then sit in the car and chat?
Lin Mumu rubbed Baozi’s soft white hair habitually, and followed Yun Ting out of the car with a guilty conscience.