Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 206

Chen Fangya and the others had arrived a long time ago and were already busy in the store.
Compared to Chen Fangya and An Xiaoqin, who were unreliable, Liu Yuanyuan cared more about the store. She visited the store after class in the morning, and even ate lunch in the store.
After being locked up for so many days this time, not only did their business not drop, but it got better.
Because when it came to succulents, only Lin Mumu was selling them. Others also began to sell some of them one after another. Most of them had nothing to buy. They bought them from Lin Mumu, and then put them in the store to show off. Which was why the prices were all more expensive than theirs.
Liu Yuanyuan was a responsible person. The people in the dormitory opened a shop together, and she was the only one who got an hourly wage, so she always felt that she must be worthy of the salary and not cut corners just because she was in a dormitory.
Last time, Lin Mumu cheated the female celebrity of a lot of money, but Liu Yuanyuan could see clearly that Lin Mumu didn’t take even one of the cents, and donated all of it, so their shop still had to make money by selling flowers and succulents.
What’s more, Liu Yuanyuan was a little cautious, that is, she would deliver a meal to Uncle Guo every day at noon. Uncle Gou gave her food money, and she took it, but as long as time allowed, she would come to deliver the food, which also saved Uncle Gou the inconvenience of going out and queuing for lunch.
When Lin Mumu came back, she still held a pot of withered orchids in her hands, and Yun Ting even held a pot in his hand.
“I’ve heard of veterinarians, but I haven’t heard of flower and herbal doctors.” An Xiaoqin complained about Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu’s ability to treat flowers and trees was obvious to all. Most of the business brought by An Xiaoqin before had been healed, but Lin Mumu refused to send them back, saying that she would take another month to heal them.
In the past few days, Lin Mumu took time to buy a few pots of the dying orchids that she was optimistic about before, and put them in the backyard for recuperation and treatment. These were her treasures, and no one dared to touch them.
Speaking of which, Lin Mumu could really be regarded as a doctor of flowers and plants.
“Of course, do you remember Liu Ting? She thought she had learned something, and now she is helping Boss Liu’s flower shop. She bought some succulents from nowhere, and she also imitated Lin Mumu. But now there is no improvement at all, and she is about to die of anxiety, and she even came to ask me what happened.” Liu Yuanyuan said angrily.
“Then did you tell her?” An Xiaoqin asked.
“This Liu Ting is too disrespectful. She is still our classmate at school. Why does she want to do it for this little money?” Chen Fangya got angry for no reason.
Liu Yuanyuan was honest, but not stupid: “Of course I won’t tell her. Besides, I don’t know what’s going on. We only have Lin Mumu, the flower and plant doctor.”
“Next time you see Liu Ting, ask her to come to me.” Lin Mumu said suddenly.
“No, Lin Mumu, you don’t want to help this guy eat the inside and outside, do you?” Chen Fangya was anxious.
Lin Mumu blinked and blinked: “No, succulents are so cute, and the sales will definitely increase in the future. I just want to buy more. If the good plants are raised to death by her, why doesn’t she pass them on to me.”
“Too bad, I like it!”
“Then I’ll go find Liu Ting now.” Liu Yuanyuan was impatient, and since Lin Mumu had made up her mind, she was of course in a hurry to find her.
Lin Mumu was really big-hearted, so she put this matter behind her mind, and concentrated on watering her gradually growing orchids, jasmines, peonies, water lilies and other high-end things.
Lin Mumu didn’t like to be disturbed by anyone, except for Yun Ting.
Then Yun Ting saw an incredible scene.