Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 209

“Lin Mumu, for the sake of us being classmates, please help me. I really don’t know how to do this, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”
Liu Ting grabbed Lin Mumu’s arm violently, crying into tears: “If you don’t help me, I will die a miserable death.”
“I’ll give you two words.” Lin Mumu stared at Liu Ting quietly: “You deserve it.”
It was not that she didn’t give her a chance, she just told Liu Ting, and gave her one last chance.
If Liu Ting was willing to tell the truth with conscience, Lin Mumu would have helped Liu Ting this time even if she had to fight with Boss Su to the end.
But she didn’t. It meant that she chose to stand with Boss Su, then if something happened to her, of course she should go to Boss Su, what did it have to do with Lin Mumu.
“Lin Mumu, why are you so cruel?”
Lin Mumu entered the shop as if she didn’t hear her, and said, “Hurry up, everyone, it’s not good to make trouble here, I still have to do business, don’t let me call someone from the management office to mediate.”
Yun Ting didn’t make a move, he just glanced at Boss Su, then walked into the house with his arms around Lin Mumu’s shoulders.
Zhou Qiang and Qiu Jun happened to be there, in order to perform in front of Yun Ting their idol, they simply stood outside Lin Mumu’s shop, like two door gods.
Well, Yun Ting had also risen to Zhou Qiang’s idol status now. After fighting against the black bear yesterday, he defeated five karate masters from Sakurajima country by himself, which completely subdued Zhou Qiang’s youthful admiration.
Chen Fangya still wanted to quarrel with the other party, but Lin Mumu called in: “Chen Fangya, don’t you want to take a picture, don’t waste time, the photo under the sun happens to be golden and transparent, and when the cloud covers the sun, the effect will be gone. It won’t look good.”
“Xiaoqin, please help Chen Fangya. Yuanyuan, help me tidy up these leaves.”
Everyone had something to do, so they won’t quarrel with Boss Su and Liu Ting and let them make trouble among themselves.
“Your wife has been bullied by others, Young Master Yun is really good-tempered.” Su Xinlan said casually to Yun Ting.
“No. There is no need for Yun Ting to take action on such a small matter. He is the one who does big things.”
Lin Mumu looked proud: “Just leave this kind of small role to me. No, let’s ignore him. He’s a fart.”
“You are really big. You can still be so calm after being scolded at the door.
Speaking of which, Boss Su was really not a fuel-efficient lamp. He was a big man, but he was more open-mouthed than a woman. Zhou Qiang and Qiu Jun blocked the door, so he cursed them unconvinced: “You two are college students, but you are willing to be watchdogs for others? If your parents knew that you didn’t study hard and came here to fool around, they would definitely wish to stuff you back into your mother’s womb.”
“We don’t need you to take care of our affairs. “Zhou Qiang gave him a cold look.
Boss Su looked at Zhou Qiang’s tall figure of more than 1.9 meters, and didn’t dare to continue to provoke him, so he could only talk in another way: “What the hell. The little girl now, relying on her own beauty, didn’t know which boss’s bed she had climbed on, and she was terribly dragged.”
Qiu Jun couldn’t bear it anymore, and forgot what Lin Mumu told him about treating him as a fart, and grabbed Boss Su’s neck suddenly: “Do you dare to say one more thing? How dare you say that I will kill you again!”
“Murder, murder.”
Liu Ting cried and cried, and many people came to watch the fun.
“Xiaojun, let him go.”
This time it was Yun Ting who came out and looked at Boss Su quietly.