Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 210

“Sir, you have insulted my wife with your words, please apologize.” Yun Ting’s voice was very quiet, with no tone, but it carried a feeling of inexplicable nervousness and guilt.
“Wife? How is it possible? Lin Mumu is only a freshman. She shouldn’t be. She is your mistress, right? No wonder she, a poor student, has such money to open a shop. I heard that the way mistresses are raised now is to give them a shop.” Liu Ting was quick to react.
Before Yun Ting could make a move, Lin Mumu had already come out and slapped Liu Ting. She couldn’t let Yun Ting start a fight with a woman for her: “Student Liu Ting, please don’t think about others with dirty thoughts, and he and I are indeed a legal couple, but I don’t have to explain this to you, because you aren’t qualified to know. If I hear you talking dirty again, I’ll let you understand that I, Lin Mumu, am not easy to mess with.”
Lin Mumu’s eyes were like knives, and Liu Ting felt like she was being looked stared at by a ferocious beast, her whole body couldn’t help but feel weak, and she couldn’t even stand still. They were both students, how can the gap between them be so big?
“I can testify.” Chen Fangya didn’t listen to Lin Mumu’s advice and went to take pictures. Of course, friends were more important at this time.
“I can also testify.”
“My name is Su Xinlan. You should have heard of my name. I am the national liberal arts champion this year. I can also testify for Lin Mumu. Her grades are very good and her personality is also very good. This man is indeed her husband.”
“Liu Ting, you let me down so much. The thing I regret the most is that I took you here to help.” Liu Yuanyuan was the most angry one.
After what happened today, she always felt that she believed in the wrong person, which brought so much trouble to Lin Mumu.
“Let’s go. I won’t buy your stuff in business. Could it be that you are buying and selling by force? Crying and chattering can only make me look down on you. Boss Su, don’t bring your employees with you next time?” Lin Mumu looked at Boss Su’s greasy face with a smile.
Boss Su was held up by Yun Ting for several minutes.
It was Liu Ting and Lin Mumu who quarrelled for a few minutes, and Boss Su was picked up for a few minutes.
The feeling of not being able to touch the ground with his feet was really not very good, not to mention the murderous aura on Yun Ting’s body affected him throughout the whole process, making him feel like he was going to die at any time.
At this time Yun Ting let go, Boss Su limp on the ground, but desperately shouted: “Get out, go, Tingting come and help me.”
Although Liu Ting was not happy, she went to help Boss Su.
However, Boss Su’s weight was almost twice that of Liu Ting. How could Liu Ting support him?
The result was that Liu Ting wanted to help Boss Su, but was dragged by Boss Su, and then fell on Boss Su, and the two of them just rolled around on the ground indecently.
“I don’t know who sent themselves to the boss. You two don’t have a marriage certificate, do you?” An Xiaoqin used her poisonous tongue, so she didn’t forget to ridicule her at this time.
“You, you are spitting blood. I’m dead.” Liu Ting cried aggrievedly.
“Why are you crying? You are allowed to wrong someone, but you are not allowed to be wronged?”
Liu Yuanyuan didn’t know where she got the courage to point to Liu Ting and said, “You still have the face to cry? Why did you slander Lin Mumu for no reason? You yourself and your boss have cheated and messed with each other, why can’t we talk about your deeds?”