Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 212

Lin Mumu rolled her eyes at him bitterly: “You are bullying me, I just won’t make it clear, what can you do to me, eh~~~”
Yun Ting had nothing to do with this little girl, he was reluctant to beat her, afraid of scolding her and if she cried, then he could only… fight with his lips and teeth.
Yun Ting’s strong masculine breath enveloped her, Lin Mumu went so soft from the kiss that she was a little confused.
When Yun Ting let go of her, she was just gasping for breath.
Yun Ting temporarily gained the upper hand, and said in a good mood: “Come on, when did I bully you? Otherwise…you know.”
“You just bullied me! You bullied me last night, and you bullied me just now!” Lin Mumu’s hair exploded, and she turned her head and left angrily, leaving a shadow behind her.
Yun Ting touched his nose, as if he understood what Lin Mumu meant by bullying.
Fortunately, the two of them were chatting in the backyard, and everyone else was busy in the front yard, so no one saw it.
“This kind of bullying has to continue.” Yun Ting said to himself, took out his phone and started making calls.
Do you want to do business? You will always encounter such bad things as today, and Lin Mumu had to learn how to deal with them. But Yun Ting’s wife couldn’t be bullied by just anyone.
It was not convenient for Yun Ting himself to make a casual move, so he called Gu Qi.
Last time, Gu Qi used the method that money could make ghosts turn the millstone, and got through the management office of the flower and bird market, letting them cover some trees.
Something happened now, but it was just a matter of one sentence.
The people from the management office quickly went to Boss Su’s shop and found three or five excuses to force him to clean up the shop. If the rectification was not good, he would be fined or even not allowed to continue to open the shop.
The reasons for the rectification were as follows:
First, the situation was bad and he intentionally hindered others from doing business, which was a serious violation of market security management regulations.
Second, messing up the relationship between men and women and affecting the style of the flower and bird market.
Third, the hygiene of the store was not up to standard, and the image quality of the clerks was too poor.
Of these three crimes, except for the first one which was confirmed, such that Boss Su found it irrefutable, but the latter two are completely unfounded.
Even if it was the first one, Boss Su had some contacts in the management office, and it was not the first time he had done this, so he could solve it with a little money.
But this time, it didn’t seem to work, as soon as he took out a red envelope, the clerk of the management office added a crime to him: “Bribing the management staff, Boss Su, it seems that you really don’t want to continue in our flower and bird market.”
Boss Su was unconvinced, and after being cleaned up by the people in the management office, he called the deputy section chief he knew.
He simply couldn’t accept it!
He called three times in a row, but no one answered.
In the end, it was the female secretary of the deputy section chief. When passing by, she was gossiping with a few women: “Some time ago, there was a female celebrity who was so popular and she smashed Boss Lin’s shop. I heard that she exploded the next day.”
“There was a scandal, and now this female star is missing. She seems to be holding a young lady behind her.”
Boss Su finally realized that he had offended someone who shouldn’t be offended, so he immediately thought of pleading guilty and went to find Lin Mumu to apologize.
It was the female secretary who asked the clerk of the management office to stop him, and said something important: “Boss Su, have you taken a fancy to the little girl? Always going to her door?”
“How dare I, it’s just that I want us to communicate with each other.”
“She’s a little girl, what do you have in common?”
Boss Su thought about it, and felt afraid for a while, if he really went, others would only think he was there to make trouble.