Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 214

Lin Mumu didn’t know about this, but Yun Ting intentionally used a little idea to attract Lin Mumu’s attention.
When Yun Ting put Baozi in various poses and placed him in the middle of the flower pot, she found that it really added a lot of cuteness to her little plants.
“I’ve decided that Baozi will be the mascot of our store from now on! From now on, there will be a picture of Baozi on the signboard at the door.” Lin Mumu pinched Baozi’s chubby face in a good mood.
“Are you sure you won’t be treated as a pet shop?” Yun Ting helplessly flicked Lin Mumu’s head.
“Oh, yes, then I only use a dog paw print, isn’t it cute?!” Lin Mumu just finished speaking, and left Yun Ting to discuss with Chen Fangya and An Xiaoqin.
As for things in the flower shop, Chen Fangya and An Xiaoqin were not as familiar with Lin Mumu and Liu Yuanyuan. The two of them were mainly responsible for taking pictures, posting photos and chatting on the forum.
Fortunately, Yenching University advocated that college students should learn self-management, self-arrangement of study, and self-arrangement of time for social practice. It was not tight in terms of curriculum.
Lin Mumu’s classes were mainly in the morning, and they were basically free to arrange their time in the afternoon, and they only arranged an afternoon class once a week.
There was no class this afternoon, so it was rare for everyone to be relaxing, except for Su Xinlan who was struggling with Lin Mumu’s books while insisting on helping Lin Mumu draw key points and write notes, as everyone else was busy with their flower shop, so it was not unreasonable.
Yun Ting had nothing to do, and fell asleep leaning on the sofa.
When Lin Mumu came back, she found that he was sleeping peacefully.
Yun Ting’s facial features belonged to the type of provoking crime, which could make a good girl want to turn into a pervert and push him down in an instant.
Especially when the lines on his face were rigid, which gave people a solid and reliable feeling.
Lin Mumu couldn’t help stretching out her fingers, and draw along his face bit by bit, his outline, his eyebrows, his eye sockets, his thick eyelashes, his strong nose bridge and slightly plump red lips, and then the protruding Adam’s apple.
When Lin Mumu finished painting Yun Ting’s facial features little by little, and finally landed on the Adam’s apple, Yun Ting finally opened his eyes like a cheetah, staring at Lin Mumu with a dangerous aura in his eyes.
“I didn’t do it on purpose.” Lin Mumu immediately faltered, thinking that Yun Ting had lost his temper, got up from Yun Ting in a panic, and was about to find something to do.
Unexpectedly, Yun Ting’s arms had already tightly bound her at some point, and it was impossible for Lin Mumu to escape.
Unless Lin Mumu was stupid, how could she not understand the suppressed emotions in Yun Ting’s increasingly dangerous eyes, which were about to burst out.
“This is a flower shop. You are Major General Yun, pay attention to the influence!” Lin Mumu rolled her eyes and found an excuse.
“Let’s go home.”
“Ah…?” Lin Mumu’s face turned pale with shame, “Where is there someone like you?”
“There will be in the future, shall I carry you away, or will you go by yourself?”
“I will go myself!” Lin Mumu hurriedly chose the easier path, and was lured back home without anyone noticing.
Lin Mumu complained a little in the car: “You’re so unkind, you leave them there. You’re so disrespectful! How could we do it in broad daylight, just…” Lin Mumu was ashamed to say the rest.
“Just what?”
“I’m a motivated young woman. I have to study hard and work hard to grow flowers.”
“With your talent, do you need to work hard to grow flowers?” Yun Ting taunted casually, and immediately hit the nail on the head.
Yes, growing trees and flowers could be called her magic skill.
“But, but I want to prune the flower branches.”