Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 215

“This kind of thing, you should ask someone to do it, or teach someone to do it, instead of doing it yourself. As much ability as you have, you have to make as much contribution. Your ability is wasted when pruning flowers and branches.” Yun Ting said.
Lin Mumu suddenly felt that what he said made sense: “So Major General Yun, you prefer to train soldiers instead of doing it yourself?”
“Well, I only do big tasks, and for small tasks I always give others opportunities to exercise and do meritorious deeds.”
But Lin Mumu still felt that something was wrong, that’s right, it was Yun Ting’s purpose for bringing her home, and it was simply a daytime announcement~~
“Yun Ting, you have to be reasonable, it’s indecent in broad daylight.”
“Is it indecent for me to bring my own wife home?”
Yun Ting hilariously patted Lin Mumu’s head with one hand, “Here we are, get out of the car.”
“I won’t get off.”
Lin Mumu also committed a crime, being stubborn, tightly hugging the armchair and not letting go.
Yun Ting didn’t care about her, after parking the car, he opened the co-pilot’s door, and carried her out casually.
This time, he really carried her on her shoulders like a rice sack.
Lin Mumu thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful feeling of her feet not touching the ground, her face facing the ground, and her body folded in half.
Lin Mumu kicked her calf restlessly to express her depressed mood at the moment.
And Yun Ting simply hit her buttocks twice to make her quiet.
It was said to be a hit, but it was really just a little harder than touching. For Lin Mumu, except on the bed, Yun Ting didn’t dare to use too much force, for fear of breaking the little girl.
Hit/touch like this? On the buttocks, Yun Ting froze for a moment, feeling that the hand felt pretty good. So he took two more shots, and the force was lighter than before.
“Bastard, let me down!” Lin Mumu was about to cry.
Yun Ting was addicted to touching, so he patted her a few more times before reluctantly putting her down.
He didn’t want to let her go, but they had already arrived at the dining room, and the aroma of food all over the table had whetted the appetite of the foodie Lin Mumu.
If he didn’t put her down again, the little wife would really get angry.
Lin Mumu was tempted by the food this time, so she gave Yun Ting a hard look, moved to the side, and then started to use her chopsticks.
Of course, Yun Ting also moved a position later, and continued to be close to her, Lin Mumu treated it as if she didn’t see it.
“Come back early in the evening and eat on time.” Yun Ting amusedly picked up a chopstick of vegetables for Lin Mumu.
According to Lin Mumu’s way of eating only meat and not vegetables, why didn’t she become fat? She was always so thin and meatless, which made people feel distressed.
“It would be great if you had more flesh.” Yun Ting couldn’t help but stare at his hand, thinking about the touch just now, and glanced at Lin Mumu’s seat.
“Hmph, I just eat meat and don’t gain weight, so it’s useless to envy and hate.” Lin Mumu looked smug, and she didn’t realize that it was her man who thought her butt was not too fleshy.
But she obediently ate the food that Yun Ting gave her. Just now, it seemed that she really misunderstood Yun Ting.
She thought that Yun Ting took her home to eat her up, but she didn’t expect that it was actually to bring her back for dinner.
But Lin Mumu had a temper tantrum again and refused to admit her mistake, so she just pretended to be confused.
But soon, she found out that she was wrong.
Yun Ting just let her eat to be full and strong before eating her!
“Yun Ting, I’m not sleepy yet.”
“Early to bed and early to rise, you will feel refreshed.”
“Yun Ting, it’s still early, let’s go for a walk.” Sensing Yun Ting’s dangerous aura, Lin Mumu suggested.