Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 217

Although the old man was in good health, his speed was still not as fast as theirs. So, both Yun Ting and Lin Mumu subconsciously slowed down.
After running for a while, they came across a thatched-roof pavilion that was popular nowadays. Old General Yun couldn’t run any longer, so he sat down to rest for a while, with Lin Mumu and Yun Ting also by his side.
Their morning run had become a companion run.
“Why do you say you have such an old man, Yun Jianguo, he is really not a thing. He has completely disgraced our old Yun family.”
Lin Mumu really wanted to complain for Yun Ting, Yun Ting was the most innocent, could he still choose his father? If you want to blame, you are the old man who gave birth to such a son!
Old General Yun automatically ignored the gazes of Yun Ting and Lin Mumu and continued to mutter to himself: “There are a lot of old people, but for the sake of a good old friend’s daughter, and where the old good friend even married someone else, it’s not like she’s the girl of our Yun family, he ruined his official career just like that, not to mention the embarrassment to our ancestors, and you brothers. I really want to beat this unfilial son to death. The most pitiful one is Xiao Hui, who has to look after her rival’s daughter all day long, and still has to let her eat and drink well while taking care of her. Now it’s all right, that woman has found a reason to run home over and over again in the name of her daughter, crying and acting in front of Yun Jianguo all day. It’s really indecent, the older you get, the more shameless you become!”
The older you get, the more shameless you become?
Look at his old man with white hair, he seems really old.
But Lin Mumu still thought that Grandpa Yun must be cuter than Yun Ting’s father.
“It’s because your grandma died early, otherwise, she would have slapped this bastard long ago. Yun Jianguo, a little bastard, has a bad stomach, such that only your grandma can control him.”
Old General Yun knew that Lin Mumu was not an outsider. That is why he talked about Yun Ting’s family affairs in bits and pieces.
This man had become old and he always liked to talk about trivial household matters now.
The Yun family’s relationships were actually not complicated, just a simple branch line. Except for Yun Ting who had an older brother, all three generations of his ancestors were single descendants.
General Yun’s father was a senior revolutionary in China, and General Yun also joined the army since he was a child, and they were all people who made real contributions to the founding of the country. Old general also had an older brother, but he died early in the war.
Only Yun Ting’s father, Yun Jianguo, lived the most relaxed life. After taking the civil service path, he was able to study well and go to college under the shadow of his ancestors. After that, his official career went smoothly, and he had become the chief prosecutor of the entire Huaxia country.
The Yun family had a strict family upbringing, and Yun Jianguo was still a very stable person in the general direction. At least he had an upright heart, acted impartially, and hated evil as much as possible. That’s why everyone admired him as the Chief Prosecutor.
People always had weaknesses, and Yun Jianguo’s biggest weakness may be his childhood sweetheart, who was Yun Ruoshan’s mother Wan Ailian.
They were childhood sweethearts who grew up together studying in the same school from elementary school to high school. Later, Wan Ailian went to Sun Moon Island with her family and temporarily lost contact with the mainland of China.
When they met again, Yun Jianguo had already married a wife and had children, and Wan Ailian also had a daughter.
Somehow later, Wan Ailian left, leaving her daughter to Yun Jianguo as a foster daughter.
They hadn’t seen each other for more than ten years, and the child was only five years old at the time, so of course it couldn’t be Yun Jianguo’s seed.
But Yun Jianguo began to be dazzled by the five-year-old girl, and he doted on her even more than his own sons.
Yun Ting’s grandma was still there back then, and she beat and scolded him, but Yun Jianguo was so determined that he would rather die than reject such a righteous daughter.