Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 220

“This girl is naturally beautiful. Even if she doesn’t wash her face, she is still a beauty. What are you afraid of?” An Xiaoqin said so, and obediently went to the bathroom.
It was still Chen Fangya who was fast. After finishing freshening up five minutes, she sat in front of Lin Mumu and chanted to Lin Mumu while eating: “Lin Mumu, I didn’t expect you to be so charming. Fang Tianyong actually sent someone to send you roses every day. Every time there are nine roses, every day he sent them without forgetting, did you see that the roses in the trash can at the door of our dormitory were all given to you by others. I threw them away for you. Now shouldn’t you thank me? If I didn’t suppress it, saying it was given by someone else, if your Major General Yun finds out about this, how will he punish you?”
“Eh…” Lin Mumu suddenly thought that last night, he must not be willing to beat her, so he could only use his special way of punishment: “Don’t accept it next time.”
“It’s not that we want to accept it. You don’t even know that the one who sends flowers now gave benefits to the aunt downstairs, and the aunt hangs it directly at our door, causing a group of people to watch the show. In our dormitory, there is a troublesome person like An Xiaoqin, so it is not uncommon to harvest roses.”
“I am not troublesome, I am proud.” An Xiaoqin, who had just washed her face, sat down proudly and had breakfast together.
Lin Mumu tidied up her bed and books, and cleaned the dormitory again.
She often didn’t go back to the dormitory, and rarely did on duty work. Lin Mumu still wanted to do something when she had time. The sisters in the dormitory were all nice, and she didn’t want to leave this small group.
“Lin Mumu, Zhou Qiang said that he would help Fang Tianyong to send some Buddhist plate, why do I think it’s so unreliable. I only found out yesterday that Zhou Qiang said that Fang Tianyong was actually a very capable junior, it’s really beeping.”
Chen Fangya ate very quickly, and helped Lin Mumu mop the floor after eating.
Chen Fangya’s character was still in harmony with Lin Mumu, and when she saw Lin Mumu’s chatterbox, she couldn’t shut it down as well.
“Well, you have a good vision. Even Abbot Jueming said yesterday that Fang Tianyong’s tricks are not right. You tell Zhou Qiang to be more careful with him.”
“I said it. Zhou Qiang also knows, but he is not good at appraising antiques. Zhou Qiang said that Fang Tianyong is very concerned about that Buddhist plate. It seems that it can be sold for hundreds of thousands. Zhou Qiang thinks a money-greedy person like Fang Tianyong probably wouldn’t return the Buddhist plate. I didn’t expect him to be so generous today, he really gave the Buddhist plate to Zhou Qiang and asked Zhou Qiang to return it. Do you think he will use a fake one to fool people? And then say it’s something that our family’s Zhou emphasized?”
No one was stupid since they could be admitted to Yanda University as high-achieving students.
With such a clumsy technique, Zhou Qiang would definitely not be fooled, and Chen Fangya was also just concerned about it and causing chaos.
“Oh, your Zhou Qiang?” Lin Mumu blinked and joked with Chen Fangya.
“She’s been talking about her house for a long time.” An Xiaoqin ate something indistinctly while booing after Lin Mumu.
“Student Zhou Qiang is very kind, and he often brings us breakfast. Chen Fangya, did you call him and tell him not to deliver today?” Liu Yuanyuan was still careful.
“Oh, I forgot!” Chen Fangya was quick-tempered and had a hot-tempered personality. When she gets angry, she would do it immediately, so she immediately put down the mop, and called Zhou Qiang.
After making the phone call, Chen Fangya felt more at ease: “Zhou Qiang finally has some brains, he insisted on taking Fang Tianyong to go with him. Now he can’t play tricks, right?”
“It’s hard to say.” Lin Mumu had a very bad impression of Fang Tianyong in her heart. This kind of person could not be said to be a big villain, but he was really selfish.