Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 221

“Fang Tianyong and the others are going to Panqiao?”
“This afternoon.”
“Then let’s go together. Didn’t Fang Tianyong invite me to go together last time? Then let’s go to Changchang together.” Lin Mumu suggested.
“Okay, okay, I’m going.” An Xiaoqin was the most energetic.
“I also want to go and have a look and gain some knowledge.” Even Liu Yuanyuan, who didn’t like to go out very much, expressed her desire to go.
“Okay, then let’s ride a bicycle together.” Lin Mumu nodded.
“You say you, you are a good wife of the major general. You have a special car to pick you up, but you love rising bicycles.” An Xiaoqin couldn’t help but complain about Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu continued to concentrate on mopping the floor: “Bicycles are great, convenient and environmentally friendly. You are too inactive.”
“Yes, yes, we need a man to exercise with us at night.”
An Xiaoqin wspecially liked Lin Mumu’s character who would blush when she was teased.
“I heard that Sun Xiaomei has dropped out of school.” Liu Yuanyuan and the others always subconsciously shared things in school with Lin Mumu.
“It seems that she is sick, and she has to suspend school for half a year, and will come back after the new year.”
“She’s so pitiful, so as a classmate, I want to go see her.” Lin Mumu blinked.
“Ghosts believe you.”
Lin Mumu said the truth, but she didn’t dare to go alone, she had a premonition that Sun Xiaomei’s return home at this time must mean that the Gu Sect in her hometown hadn’t been taken away yet.
Although Yun Ting used Lei Ting’s method last time, but only using fire and dispatching criminal police to arrest people, it may not be able to wipe out the people of Gu Sect.
After all, China was now a society ruled by law. If there was no evidence, no one would dare to kill people indiscriminately. It was even more impossible to massacre a villages and exterminate grass and roots when encountering evil factions like in ancient times.
In front of such benevolence and righteousness, it was easy for these evil forces to take advantage of loopholes.
Lin Mumu was thinking about when to talk to Yun Ting again, but she was always worried if she didn’t see it with her own eyes.
“Lin Mumu, Lin Mumu, why are you in a daze. I made an agreement with Zhou Qiang, and Fang Tianyong called two cars to take us there.”
“Oh.” But after class in the morning, they had made an appointment after eleven o’clock, when going out, Lin Mumu still didn’t get into Tianyong’s car, but said: “Panqiao is not far from our school, and it takes 20 minutes to get there by bicycle. You go and wait for me first, I will take it as exercise.”
“I’ll be with you.” Chen Fangya knew that Lin Mumu was stubborn and didn’t want to enter Fang Tianyong’s car.
“I’ll exercise too.” Liu Yuanyuan wasn’t used to Fang Tianyong’s behaviour either.
“Our dormitory, of course wants to act together. I have long legs so if I don’t ride a bicycle, how can I attract attention?” Even An Xiaoqin chose to ride a bicycle.
Zhou Qiang also rode a bicycle with them on the pretext that he was afraid that the girls would be unsafe.
In the end, Fang Tianyong called a friend by himself and drove two small cars on the road, which was quite embarrassing.
The two of them were fast. They arrived outside the entrance of Panqiao Pedestrian Street and looked for a place to park.
“Brother Fang, the girls in your school are so hot. They don’t even give you face. The most beautiful one is the one you gave roses to?”
That person chatted with Fang Tianyong first: “No, the one in the blue dress is the one.”
“Oh, this girl is also quite upright, these girls are of really good quality. I thought you didn’t have any beauties in famous universities.”
“Tsk…tsk…, that girl surnamed An, with long legs, if you can get a hold of her. This life is worth it.”