Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 223

“Okay, let’s go there first?” Fang Tianyong didn’t refuse, and seemed quite sincere.
“Can we join in the fun?” An Xiaoqin asked cooperatively.
“I can’t refuse a request from a beautiful woman.” Fang Tianyong complimented An Xiaoqin casually, and took them to the place from where he bought the Buddha plate yesterday.
At this moment, Fang Tianyong felt that there was nothing wrong with him, he was quite a lively and cheerful person. While walking, he recounted the experience of buying a Buddha plate a few days ago.
“It is said that shopping here depends on one’s ability. The old man cheated many people and made a lot of black-hearted money with fake products. I made him a fortune, and he should admit it. This thing is actually not his own. He still took someone else’s.”
Fang Tianyong recounted the treasure he picked up that day, and justified himself.
Lin Mumu nodded unexpectedly: “Well, it makes sense. Student Fang is very capable.”
Lin Mumu also had Fang Tianyong’s ability. It was just that her master strictly forbade her to use it. If Fang Tianyong had no family rules, it was not a mistake.
“It’s a pity that my master is too pedantic, so he insisted on me returning it. As a disciple, of course you have to listen to your master. Student Lin, I really didn’t expect that you are a disciple of the famous Daoist Master Lingwu. Your master must have many rules.”
“Not much.” Lin Mumu replied calmly: “But I should not violate any of the rules he set.”
“I think you get along with Professor Lin very casually. What other relationship do you have?” It was no wonder that Fang Tianyong was unconvinced, it was because Lin Mumu looked delicate, how could she become a Taoist female disciple.
“I think respecting the teacher is not a formal worship, but a respect from the heart.”
“For example, the master banned me from coming here to make a fortune. Even if there are mountains of gold and silver, I won’t come to Taobao either.”
“Hehe, what Student Lin said is good.” Fang Tianyong didn’t know if Lin Mumu did it on purpose, accusing him indirectly and saying that he was disobedient.
He had already given that old monk a lot of face, okay? He bought something and returned it. This will make him a laughing stock in the whole Panqiao. He still did it for the sake of the old monk.
After they chatted, they arrived at the shop where Fang Tianyong bought the Buddhist plate.
Panqiao looked quite big, but in fact its circle was not that big. Fang Tianyong was a famous treasure hunter in Panqiao, if he found a treasure, the word would soon spread everywhere.
Seeing Fang Tianyong, the shop owner was really a little inexplicably upset.
“Boss Fang, are you going to kill them all? I told you, I can’t afford to serve you as a great god in this shop.”
Inkstone, porcelain, copper coins, and ancient swords all looked very classy.
“Why, old Fang, why don’t you give me face? I brought a few classmates to have a look, and return your things here by the way.” Fang Tianyong responded.
“Give it back to me? Are you kidding me?” Lao Fang was in his fifties, but he was quite energetic.
Zhou Qiang had listened to Fang Tianyong’s words before, and knew that this matter was too much for his master, and Fang Tianyong had a hard time with losing face, so he stood up and explained: “It’s like this, my master thinks that Buddha’s enlightenment is destined, and getting a Buddha plate is destined. That’s why we sent it back.”
The pit of strength could only be explained in this way.
Zhou Qiang was also very helpless.
In the final analysis, the old monk was too principled about this matter, and as apprentices, they could only obey orders.