Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 226

Facts proved that Lin Mumu’s idea was completely right.
Fang Tianyong was Panqiao’s celebrity, and his accident spread throughout Panqiao like a gust of wind.
Many people wanted to go to Fang Tianyong’s place to show off, so Fang Tianyong’s residence was naturally not difficult to find, just follow the local bosses.
“Hey, aren’t you Xiao Fang’s classmates? Are you going to see Xiao Fang? Let’s go together.” The old Boss Fang picked up some things, happened to see Lin Mumu and the others, and pulled them along.
“Okay.” Lin Mumu saw a Buddhist plate in old Boss Fang’s pile of things at a glance, and couldn’t help asking, “Why did Boss Fang take out all the hundreds of thousands of Buddhist plates?”
“Xiao Fang was ransacked, and I feel very sorry. This thing has already been bought by him, and the goods have already left his hands. I always feel embarrassed to take it back. Now that something happened to him, I hope I can stand by him for a while.”
“Mr. Fang is really kind-hearted.”
“It’s not that I’m kind-hearted. My grandfather started doing business in Panqiao. Three generations of our ancestors could survive like this. There is no other trick, only trust can’t be lost. Even if nothing happened to Xiao Fang, I would still find a chance to give it to him. I can’t ruin my reputation and rules because of an item worth hundreds of thousands.”
“Don’t you think this item is fake?”
“No. In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not.”
The old boss’s words made Lin Mumu look twice. If Fang Tianyong knew that Lao Fang would return the things to him no matter what, he wondered if he would regret cheating him.
While speaking, they arrived at Fang Tianyong’s residence. His residence was a single-family house with a small second floor. It looked quite dilapidated on the outside, but Fang Tianyong’s interior was decorated very gorgeously.
Fang Tianyong also woke up at this time, and casually showed his head to express his gratitude for everyone’s concern. After that, he only invited Lin Mumu and the others to enter the yard, and no one else was invited into the courtyard.
As soon as he entered the courtyard, Fang Tianyong asked Lin Mumu, “Lin Mumu, what did I do to offend you?”
“Does it count as delivering garbage in my dormitory every day?” Lin Mumu curled her lips and looked at Fang Tianyong curiously.
“I thought girls liked roses. If you don’t like roses, just tell me and I won’t give them away. You don’t have to be so mean to me!”
“What do you mean?” An Xiaoqin slapped, if Fang Tianyong hadn’t reacted quickly and dodged it, he would have been slapped by An Xiaoqin.
“You’re a big man, you don’t take care of your own things, and when you lose them, you blame it on others. Are you a mad dog?” An Xiaoqin couldn’t see others bullying Lin Mumu, and immediately lost her temper after hearing Fang Tianyong’s words.
“What the hell, we came to see you with good intentions, and you splashed dirty water all over us. Zhou Qiang, let’s go first. Are you going with us or stay with this wolf-hearted thing?” Chen Fangya also felt nauseous.
“Lin Mumu has been with us all this time, it is impossible for her to touch your things. Are you still thinking about getting revenge on Lin Mumu because of what happened in class last time?” Even Liu Yuanyuan, who had always been quiet, was not behind in matters of right and wrong.
Lin Mumu was wronged, of course they refused to bear it.
On the contrary, Lin Mumu didn’t speak, she just looked at Fang Tianyong with a smile on her face, with sympathy and sarcasm in her eyes.
“Junior brother, you’ve gone too far. Apologize to Lin Mumu.” Zhou Qiang pulled Fang Tianyong with a serious voice.