Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 229

The previous few words were whispered, and then Lin Mumu said loudly to An Xiaoqin: “The more I think about it, the more I feel that it is dangerous for Chen Fangya to stay there alone. Let’s go and get her back.”
“Okay. This place in Panqiao is too messy, a girl is not safe.”
“Let’s go there first, Fang Tianyong’s place is not remote, so there shouldn’t be any accidents.”
These few words were not meant to communicate with each other, but for the person hidden behind them to listen.
While they were talking, An Xiaoqin had already sent a text message to her brother An Mingxuan, but the content of the text message was not Lin Mumu’s imagined younger sister asking for help from her brother, but “Someone is following Lin Mumu, locate him, come quickly!”
An Xiaoqin’s mobile phone had long been used by An Mingxuan to install a positioning system. It made it convenient for him to retrieve his wayward sister at any time, but now it came in handy.
But the three girls were still a little nervous.
In case the people who had been following them all of a sudden made trouble, and An Mingxuan hadn’t come yet, the girls would really be in trouble.
The most important thing was that they were being followed by a car, and there seemed to be three or four people in the car instead of one person.
This feeling made Lin Mumu very upset, she had the urge to call Yun Ting and summon her almighty husband to help.
Thinking about Yun Ting saying that today he had to discuss about the voodoo technique of Sun Family Village in Yun Province, Lin Mumu still didn’t make this call.
Wasn’t it just a few hooligans? There were also special police, so what wa s she afraid of?
When they were riding bicycles to go to Fang Tianyong’s residence, they were stopped by a black car in the middle of the road.
The car door opened, and Fang Tianyong’s buddy seemed to be called Brother Jie appeared.
“You students haven’t had lunch yet? Let’s go together? I’m treating you.” Brother Jie greeted An Xiaoqin warmly, his eyes wandering over An Xiaoqin’s body wantonly.
“No need, we’re not hungry yet.” An Xiaoqin shook her head in disgust, no woman would like his lustful aggressive gaze.
“Don’t worry, I’m richer than that poor boy Fang Tianyong. If you follow him, you might as well follow me. How about it? I’ll give you a salary of 10,000 yuan a month.” Brother Jie stared at An Xiaoqin and took a step forward, and his saliva almost flowed out.
An Xiaoqin was so angry that she was not in a hurry. She curled her lips and laughed, “Where did you get so much money to pay me? Don’t think that we are students so we don’t know anything.”
“There are countless genuine antiques in the online collection, at least tens of millions of assets, what are you worried about? Don’t worry, I won’t be as useless as Fang Tianyong, who can’t even hide anything, how about it? ” Brother Jie really thought An Xiaoqin was interested, especially since An Xiaoqin was not afraid of him and dared to start a conversation with him.
“Let me think about it.” An Xiaoqin casually flicked her short hair on her forehead.
“Then let’s have a meal first, this brother will take you to buy two beautiful clothes, oh, bags, don’t you girls like bags, what brand do you want? That LV one, we will go after dinner to buy.”
Seeing An Xiaoqin’s play, Brother Jie became even more excited, but as soon as the words fell, he felt sleepy and his eyelids became heavy. No, I want to sleep, right now.
Seeing such a big man lying on the ground suddenly, An Xiaoqin secretly gave Lin Mumu a thumbs up.
Others didn’t pay attention, but An Xiaoqin could see clearly that the little white dog that Lin Mumu had been holding in her arms had been patronizing Brother Jie’s neck just now.