Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 231

“You have been tossing around for so long, haven’t you eaten lunch yet?”
“No.” Lin Mumu answered truthfully.
“Today was very unlucky. We people are starving to death. So, Police Officer An, do you want to treat us to dinner to compensate for Miss Lin’s mental loss?” An Xiaoqin followed.
“Okay.” An Mingxuan replied heartily: “You guys wait for me for two minutes.”
The two minutes of the police officer were really two minutes, not an approximate number.
Two minutes later, An Mingxuan got off the police car and had already changed into a casual white shirt and black trousers. Instantly changing from a heroic police officer to an elegant male god.
“Brother, you are so handsome. When you were in the police academy, you must have fascinated many people.” An Xiaoqin couldn’t help but praise.
“It’s not like you don’t know, there were no girls in our school.”
“Boys can also be counted.”
“What are you thinking about all day, can’t you learn more from Lin Mumu?”
“All right, all right, in your eyes I am nothing, Lin Mumu is fine with everything, okay? Be careful, I will learn from Lin Mumu tomorrow, and find a man to get the certificate first.”
“What certificate?”
“Marriage certificate.”
“She is in a special situation, so it can’t be serious. Let’s go, I’ll take you to dinner first.”
An Xiaoqin suddenly felt that her elder brother’s thinking was getting more and more dangerous, he didn’t seem to want to let go of Lin Mumu, and he was going deeper and deeper?
Lin Mumu didn’t know, so she just ate and drank with An Xiaoqin heartlessly.
“Panqiao is very popular, and there are many eating places around. There is a self-service barbecue here, let’s try it too?” An Mingxuan suggested, but looked at Lin Mumu.
“Okay, I like self-help! But you guys will be at a loss.” Lin Mumu responded with a smile, and subconsciously stroked the little white dog in her arms.
An Mingxuan’s appetite was as delicate as a girl’s, and it was far worse than her family’s Yun Ting’s appetite. Not to mention An Xiaoqin who always clamoured to lose weight and keep in shape.
Liu Yuanyuan’s appetite was okay, but it was just okay.
The four of them went to the buffet, which was indeed a bit of a loss. However, if someone treated guests, that was two things.
What An Mingxuan took them to was a kimchi country teppanyaki barbecue that had become popular recently.
There were not many types of barbecue, but the environment was elegant and there were not too many people.
“I think it’s better to barbecue here. I really don’t understand why you like to grill on an iron plate instead of a fire. In this way, there is no difference between grilled meat and fried pork slices. I still think meat grilled on charcoal fire is the most delicious.”
When Lin Mumu had meat to eat, her personality would be more cheerful than usual, and she would say whatever she thought about.
“My master’s roasted game is the best.” Lin Mumu picked up a chopstick of barbecued meat for her puppy, and complained, “If it wasn’t for hunting game, I wouldn’t have met Baozi.”
“I feel like your dog is very interesting. It is different from ordinary dogs. I doubt it is a dog. Is it really three years old? How can it not grow up? It is obviously not a pet dog.” An Mingxuan, as a person who had been friendly with police dogs all year said.
But Baozi didn’t like An Mingxuan, and always avoided him. Baozi would sometimes let An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan hug him, but with An Mingxuan, he would never let him hug himself! And was even on guard when he saw him.