Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 239

It was a pity that, as Yun Ting’s personal bodyguard, Xiao Du couldn’t just drive.
He fell over his shoulder.
Fell again.
Fell again.
A total of three times, the standard movement was in place.
After Xiao Du finished, he dusted off the long-sleeved T-shirt, quietly stood behind Lin Mumu, and consciously took her schoolbag from Lin Mumu’s hand.
But that snow-white puppy couldn’t be picked up anymore, that little thing had already been successfully abducted by Chen Fangya with a few cherry tomatoes.
Xiao Du’s behaviour, to Chen Fangya and Zhou Qiang, who knew about it, seemed to be of a conscientious and good bodyguard.
But Fang Tianyong’s ignorance got another feeling in his eyes.
Fang Tianyong just lay on the ground in such despair, watching Xiao Du take the initiative to carry Lin Mumu’s bag and stand behind Lin Mumu, he always felt like the performance of a ten-star boyfriend.
Fang Tianyong had some abilities, but he was a bit like Lin Mumu, and his personal force value was not high.
It was a pity that Lin Mumu had self-knowledge, but Fang Tianyong didn’t.
Fang Tianyong thought that Lin Mumu’s boyfriend was also an ordinary student. After all, he had been in society, so beating a few students was not a problem.
It was a pity that when he met a professional like Xiao Du, he was almost despaired of being dealt with.
Life was never hopeless, and when he was about to despair, people from the police station came.
“May I ask who is Mr. Fang Tianyong? We received your report and came to verify and investigate the situation.” Six or seven police officers entered neatly under the leadership of an officer.
Not to mention, it was quite majestic.
At this time Zhou Qiang had just helped Fang Tianyong up, Fang Tianyong hurriedly said: “I am Fang Tianyong. I suspect that classmate Lin Mumu and her man stole the antiques worth 70 million from my room together.”
“Oh? Why do you say that?” The police officer looked Lin Mumu up and down, and then glanced at Xiao Du behind Lin Mumu.
Well, a college student without a famous tag on her body and a man who looked rather dull. But they looked pretty good. But he still had to go through the process, so when the police officer spoke, he didn’t forget to give Fang Tianyong a wink.
Fang Tianyong hurriedly said: “You may also know something about me. I am an antique dealer, and I know some formations to protect the house, such that ghosts and gods will never return. My formation is inherited from the abbot Jueming of Jinshan Temple. Ordinary people can’t break it at all. As far as I know, in the entire Yanjing City, besides my master, she is the only one who can break the formation. Her man is a professional. I tried it just now, and I was beaten by him.”
“Okay, first take him back and interrogate slowly.” The police officer said, with a wave of his hand, someone naturally came to pull Lin Mumu.
Chen Fangya was not happy anymore: “My classmate Lin Mumu and I are inseparable. I can testify. There is evidence to prove Lin Mumu’s alibi.”
“I can also testify.” Zhou Qiang gave Fang Tianyong a helpless look.
“Hmph, maybe they are also her accomplice. Take them away together.”
“Would it be too much for you to take me away like this? Fang Tianyong, you haven’t seen my man before, why insist that he stole your things? If you have a good character, you will never do such a thing.” Lin Mumu quit.
“Is it useful to deny it?” Fang Tianyong stared at Lin Mumu and Xiao Du.
The officer was obviously very biased, “Huh, sharp mouth, when you get to the police station, eat a few prison meals, we will see if you are still stubborn. Okay, take everyone away.”
Afterwards, several police officers came to catch Lin Mumu, Xiao Du handed the schoolbag back to Lin Mumu, and stood by Lin Mumu’s side, ready to protect her at any time.