Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 244

Classmate Lin Mumu unexpectedly fell asleep in the interrogation room!
It really beeped the dog.
The puppy in Lin Mumu’s arms also fell asleep on Yun Ting’s lap like its owner.
This picture was originally beautiful and warm, and there was nothing wrong with it. But this was the interrogation room, and it was surrounded by people just now. Just now Lin Mumu was pointed at by someone with a real wooden baton.
Now, she was taking a nap in the blink of an eye?
“What are you reading? Is it free? If you have time, you might as well memorize words.” Chen Fangya lowered her voice and taught Fang Tianyong a lesson, and threw him the thick dictionary in her hand, and then threw a math notebook to Zhou Qiang, and began to copy the notes herself. Did they really think of this as a self-study classroom?
Are all girls so big-hearted?
The more Fang Tianyong looked at Yun Ting, the more nervous he became, the more he looked at Yun Ting, the more guilty he felt, and the more he looked at Yun Ting, the more he couldn’t help but want to take another look. Already sweating nervously, his heart was full of thoughts and turns.
Speaking of it, Fang Tianyong was a bit like Lin Mumu, they were both talented people, and what they saw with their eyes was different from ordinary people. For example, Lin Mumu could see the strong and clean purple energy on Yun Ting’s body, and Fang Tianyong could also see it.
That’s why Fang Tianyong panicked. After offending such a person, what would he do in the future?
The more he thought about it, the more flustered he became. This was his current state of mind.
Like Fang Tianyong, Old Du was also flustered and impatient.
How majestic he was before, was how anxious he was now.
He also felt aggrieved. Generally, people with status should reveal their status before being arrested. How are you, everyone?
How could Yun Ting play cards out of common sense, deliberately get someone to catch him, and then refuse to leave?! It was typical to deal with him now.
But he was a key figure in the military with an army in his hands, and he was young and promising. Now there was no need for Yun Ting to say a word. This matter had risen to a conflict with the military. He was still speechless.
It seemed that there was only one way.
Lin Mumu didn’t sleep deeply, just about twenty minutes.
When she woke up and rubbed her eyes, Yun Ting even brought her a bottle of mineral water.
Lin Mumu just took it subconsciously, and after drinking the water, she took the potato chips that Yun Ting handed over.
“Crack.” The crisp sound of biting potato chips broke the quiet atmosphere of the interrogation room.
Lin Mumu bit into two pieces of potato chips, and then vaguely remembered that they seemed to be still in the interrogation room.
With Yun Ting around, Lin Mumu was always in a relatively relaxed state, too lazy to think about these things.
If it weren’t for the fact that everyone was staring at her, Lin Mumu probably wouldn’t have recovered so quickly.
“Do you want to eat potato chips?” Lin Mumu took out potato chips from the jar.
The problem was, there were not only Chen Fangya, Zhou Qiang, and Fang Tianyong in this room, but also several leaders in military and police uniforms.
Lin Mumu didn’t care when they came, anyway, if she didn’t understand these important national affairs, Yun Ting would naturally deal with them.
“Give me two pieces.” One of the military leaders actually extended his hand.
Lin Mumu didn’t care so much, she casually distributed a small bag of potato chips to him.
Yun Ting was very particular when buying potato chips for her. He bought the smallest packets individually packaged, so that she could eat one packet at a time, as Lin Mumu won’t be able to control herself when she encountered a larger packet.
The benefits of small packet was that it was easy to share.
The leader smiled and tore open the bag, tasting two slices: “It tastes good, Lao Du, you should try it too, I heard that children like this now.”