Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 246

In the end, Lin Mumu accepted Fang Tianyong’s apology for the sake of Zhou Qiang and Chen Fangya.
The premise was that Fang Tianyong promised to generously donate 3 million to the new charity organization established by Gu Qi and Lin Mumu after recovering his assets.
Money was easy to talk about.
And Fang Tianyong finally understood that if he hadn’t acted like a monster and went to find Deputy Director Du, his case would have probably been solved within the same day.
Because the opponent was too impatient, it was Brother Jie who threatened to take care of An Xiaoqin, but An Mingxuan took him back and tortured him casually, and found out the reason.
It turned out that Brother Jie had a particularly good memory. Fang Tianyong had made friends with him before, and once took him to the yard to visit his treasure.
Just this once, Brother Jie remembered every foothold of Fang Tianyong’s house.
In fact, he couldn’t break the formation, he just brought a few younger brothers, walked in exactly as Fang Tianyong did before, and then carefully moved things out.
Every piece of antique was expensive, but there were not many of them. The most expensive among them was a blue and white porcelain vase, it seemed that a single vase could be sold for several million.
In short, he also deserved it since he was too ostentatious to be missed. And that brother Jie was also ruthless enough to sell a few antiques at a low price that day itself to pay off his gambling debts.
This kind of desperado, the money spent would definitely not be recovered, but fortunately, most of the things had not been sold yet.
But Fang Tianyong’s biggest trouble was getting involved in Old Du’s bribery case, and he had to undergo several investigations, so the things weren’t returned to him immediately.
After this incident, Fang Tianyong lost a layer of skin. So, he began to attend class obediently.
Yun Ting didn’t tell Lin Mumu what happened after that, and Lin Mumu didn’t ask either.
Yun Ting counted the days, now in late September, his focus was on National Day security, and he should be able to accompany Lin Mumu to the end of National Day.
After that, he was afraid that they would really have to separate for a while.
When it was the weekend, Lin Mumu invited Chen Fangya, An Xiaoqin, Liu Yuanyuan, Su Xinlan and Zhou Qiang to have dinner at home.
The several girls wandered around an oven.
When Yun Ting returned home, Lin Mumu asked Nanny Wang and Zhou Qiang to stop him and not allow him to enter the kitchen.
Could Nanny Wang stop Yun Ting?
The answer was obviously no.
Yun Ting pushed open the kitchen door, everyone else was fine, but Lin Mumu had already turned into a cat face, and was taking out a black charcoal-shaped round thing from the oven.
“Is this a success?” Lin Mumu showed Su Xinlan something pitifully.
Su Xinlan shook her head helplessly: “Just your dark poison, are you planning to poison your Yun Ting to death? Do you want me to help you?”
“No! I’ll try it myself, mooncakes are so hard to bake. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, I must let Yun Ting, the master and the senior brothers eat the mooncakes I baked with my own hands.”
“Girl, why bother with your own cooking skills. You should be self-aware. You have been tossing around all afternoon.” Su Xinlan patted Lin Mumu’s shoulder helplessly.
Lin Mumu’s grades were good, she was a master of the standard, she could learn everything in no time, and she had a good memory. Her photographic memory made people envious.
But classmate Lin Mumu’s culinary skills could not be complimented. She could stir-fry a few small dishes, and she looked like she could cook. However, her level was that she could only stir-fry five vegetables and cook rice forever, and nothing else.
Lin Mumu got into a fight with herself today and insisted on learning how to make moon cakes. With her culinary savvy, it was too difficult.
There were several rows of contrasting works on the table, the normal ones were mooncakes baked by Su Xinlan, An Xiaoqin, Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan, and the black charcoal ones were the masterpieces of Lin Mumu.