Novel Name : Life After the Storm

chapter 3

The ride up to Wicked Falls was nice and peaceful. It gave me much needed time to think. My parents
did not bring up my mate at all. My brother must have asked them not to mention it which I'm grateful
for. I didn't want to talk to them about it until later. I tried to put all my sadness behind me; I want to
have fun today especially when we don't do this often only for special events like our birthday for
example. My brother's mate Sky is very nice. She called her parents on the way to let them know she
was coming with us. They were very excited for her finding her mate, I could hear the excitement in
their voices from her phone.

I just stare out the window wondering what is in store for me with my mate, sad that he doesn't want
me. I am sort of jealous of my brother, he will be able to have a life with his mate. All my mate wants to
do is use me, I will have his heir, but I will not give my child to him. If he does not agree with that I will
not agree to have his heir I will run and never look back. I know my family will follow, we could never be
apart, we would follow each other to the ends of the world. We would fight to our deaths to protect one
another, that's how strong our love is, no doubt in my mind.

As we pull up and park the car I fill up with excitement I can not wait to turn into my wolf and just be
free even if it's only for a couple of hours. As everyone is getting out of the car getting ready for the run.
My mom looks at me with sadness in her eyes. I know that she knows what happened and she wants
to fix it, but she knows she can't. I can tell she wants to talk to me, so I wait back, so she can talk to

“Sweetheart, I'm sorry that things didn't turn out the way you wanted it to with your mate.”

“Thanks mom, but it's not your fault, and it can't be fixed, I just want to enjoy our run.”

“Ok Sweetheart, if you need to talk to me, you know I am always here to listen.”

“I know mom lets not worry about it, lets deal with it tomorrow, not ruin today.”

“Okay honey I love so much let's go and have a blast.”

“Yes let's have a blast. I have been waiting for this all day. I know it will make me feel better Mom you
don't have to worry about me, I will be ok I don't need my mate.”

As we walk up to where everyone is at I smell my mate, I get so pissed that he must be around hoping
he doesn't ruin my day. I just try my hardest not to react to his scent, I don't want my family to know he
is here. I find a place to shift behind some bushes, I lay my clothes there so when we are finished, I
have something to change back into. My wolf is so much different from most wolves for what reason I'm
really not sure my wolf is all silver with white paws. I'm bigger than most wolves but smaller than an
Alpha wolf but not too much smaller. My wolf is quite beautiful actually when we first saw my wolf my
parents were surprised by its appearance but never seemed concerned. She hasn't spoken to me yet
today with all happening she probably never will now. I will still hold hope just not too much today, I
really can't take much more disappointment.

We began our run it is so beautiful here it is breathtaking as I'm running through the tall grass jumping
over stumps and boulders I can't get enough we all run for hours through the forest loving every minute
we took some breaks Sky was never here, so it was pretty intense for her, but I believe that she still
enjoyed herself especially getting to know my brother. My parents left them running alone together, so
she wouldn't hold us back because she was so slow.

I needed to relieve as much stress as possible. I needed to let loose. I wanted to run as fast as my wolf
could go, and she just couldn't keep up with me, so I really wanted to leave her behind. I know that it
sounds mean, but I just can't help it. It's not like I said it out loud, I was just thinking about it. When I
finally made it to the top of the Wicked Falls, I let a howl of desperation out; it was so exhilarating. I
saw another wolf in the shadows, I knew it was my mate, I could sense him. My parents came up to
me, and he just faded away which I was happy I did not want them to meet him. I didn't want them to
be able to put a face on the man who rejected me, even though eventually, they would just not today.

We wait up there for a while which really seems like forever as it seems like it's growing darker and
darker we decide to start heading back as it begins to rain.

I could tell that my parents were concerned about me, but they kept it to themselves. They didn't mind
link me during the run, they just left me to deal with it myself which I appreciated so much. As it begins
to rain harder and harder, we start running back, the rain is stinging our bodies due to it running so
hard. It's starting to get hard to see, and we are soaked. We stop for a while hoping that the rain will die
down a little, but it doesn't slow, it continues to rain. So, we decided to make a run for it, trying to get
back to the car. It has never rained like this before when we have come up here not being here all that
often it hard to run through here when you're blinded. My silver fur is brown covered in mud. Damn it I
should have known that today just wasn't going to go the way it was supposed to go.

We finally get back to where we started, not sure where my clothes are since it's dark out now. As I'm
searching for my clothes I can't find them. Damn it, I can't get in the car naked.

“Mom can you please help me find my clothes I don't want to have to ride home naked.”

“Of course I can help you sweetheart. I know that you put your clothes by a bush. I just don't know
which one, and it's too dark to see. Let me see if dad has a flashlight.”

“Thanks so much mom I really appreciate your help.”

I stand there naked freezing my ass. I am looking for my clothes. I hear a voice “are you looking for
these by any chance?” I look to see it's my mate. I'm surprised he is here. I then ask “why are you

“I don't live far from here. I smelled you, so I began wondering why you were here, so I followed you.”

“Well thank you for helping me find my clothes, but you can go now.”

“I'm sorry that I don't want to be your mate.”

“You don't need to explain it to me, I really don't care just please leave me alone.”

As I am putting my clothes on he is watching my every move until my mother walks up to me, before he
takes off.

“Oh good you found your clothes are you ready to go this rain is just getting worse.”

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