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Novel Name : Life After the Storm

chapter 10

As I walk out of the bathroom, I have my towel around me, as I motion for Sam to stay in there. “Ivan
what are you doing in my Room?”

“I really wish you would just do what you are told Lilly I don't like how you make everything So damn

I am confused with his words, I really don't know what the hell he's talking about I look at him with
confusion. “What are you talking about?”

With no time for me to react he grabs a hold of me and bites down what the fuck he just marked me
why. As tears run down my face from the pain and frustration overcomes me I tried to react to him, but I
can't then suddenly everything just goes black.

As I am waking up, I see him lying next to me, I noticed that I'm in his room I am so pissed that he
marked me, why would he do that if you didn't want me? He marked me as his now I'm going to be
attached to a mate that doesn’t want me. Wondering is this my punishment from letting my family die,
not saving them. That I never get to feel love ever again. Now that he marked me I will have to follow
his command through the bond that my Wolf will have to him, I won't be able to resist him, I know that
this is why he did it. He didn't do it out of love for me, he did it out of being able to control me. I know
it's my fault I would not stop defining him. Now we both have no choice but to be mates, but he doesn't
wear my mark which I will not give to him, he doesn't deserve it. As a start to move his body shifts than
I realize he's getting up, he looks at me.

“You know this is your fault you gave me no other choice you would not listen to me now you don't have
a choice but to.”

I just looked at him with sorrow in my eyes and just say “fuck you Ivan, I'm not your pet to do as you
please with.”

I say out of frustration knowing that this is what I deserve for allowing my family to die a world of pain. I
want to find my inner strength, but I think it's disappearing, I thought I was coming back, but I was just
imagining it. I am so lost will things ever change. Will I find my place, or will I just be lost forever?

Ivan just laughed “you will do as your told.”

“I am going to get breakfast would you like to come down with me to eat”?

I don't respond to him, I know that I am starving, I don't know the last time I have eaten, but I don't want
to go with him. As I watch him walk out of the bedroom, I curl into a ball and cry. Not really sure of
anything, I just feel so alone. I just want this nightmare to come to an end. I get out of his bed I want his
scent off me, I turn on the shower to let it warm once it gets warm I get into the shower. Loving the
water pouring over my body, the warmth relaxing my muscles. I then here the bathroom door opens not
sure who it is I get nervous. Knowing that it definitely isn't Sam next thing I know the shower curtain
swings open.

“What are you doing I did not give you permission to use my shower did I?”

I jump back knowing he came in, but he still scared me. “I'm sorry I didn't know that I had to ask to

“Just finish showering, we need to talk when you are finished.”

“Yes sure thing right away.”

Not really sure what he is going to want to talk about, I am a little nervous. He never really talked to me
before. Lilly are you ok I can feel your sadness and I want to be there for you. I'm fine, star I'm just
broken, that's all. Well, Lilly if you let me, I can try to help you I am your wolf let me in stop resisting. I'm
sorry Star that I have been so mean to you, I'm just hurting so bad I just don't know how to make it
stop. Lilly let me try to help you. I want to allow her to help me, but I don't deserve it. I shut off the water

and grab a towel I dry myself I then put the same clothes on that I was wearing since I have no clean
clothes in his room at the sure as hell was not asking for any of his.

He does not waste anytime before he starts talking “Lilly look, I've never wanted a mate. I don't have
luck with them, something always happens, I can't protect them.”

I look at him with confusion, not really sure what he's talking about I thought you only get one mate. “I
am not your first mate, I am a second pick.”

“Actually, you are my third After I lost a second I figured that I will just be alone, and I was fine with that
now you came along and totally threw me off guard.”

“My parents arranged a marriage from a powerful pack called the Night Walker pack, the Alpha's
daughter will be my Luna and wife.”

Then I realize how could I have been so blind the Alpha’s daughter is Jenny they don't have a son, this
isn't the Night Walker pack? I've been at a different pack this entire time, not even really realizing it. I
am such a fool I was so lost in my grief that I didn't even notice I was a rouge.

“Why not tell your parents that you found another mate?”

“A third mate is unheard of when I told my family. Everything was already rearranged, I can't change it
now. I will be taking over both packs as there Alpha. My pack will grow stronger than it ever could be,
other packs will fear me.”

“So power is what is important to you, I have no ranking, I am just a nobody wolf that you got stuck

“The mate bond is still there I won't reject you I will need an heir. I can have a true heir for my pack I'm
thankful, but I don't want you.”

“Do you really expect me to just give you my child and not put up a fight I am the child's mother not
your Luna?”

“Once you give me an heir, I will let you leave never to return, I will let you go, but the child stays.”

Star talks to me Lilly just pretend to accept it we will figure this out we will not allow him to take our
child our pup. We will escape come up with a plan to run where we will go I don't know, but we will. You
promise Star yes Lilly, I promise.

I look at him not really sure what to say, I hate how things have turned out it's insane how my life has
just turned upside down.

“Why did you mark me if you are just going to let me go, why bother?”

“You left me no choice you kept defining me I needed to be able to make you listen.”

“That doesn't give you the right to mark me to you now, I'm unable to even have a chance of happiness
with somebody else because you marked me.”

“You had to be marked anyways so why not just get out of the way now instead of later?”

“Oh yes for you to get what you truly want because you don't care about how it affects anyone else.”

“Don't talk to me in that tone you don't have the right this might not be what you want, but this is what is
going to happen.”

“The Luna will be here in a couple of days we will mate soon so be ready.”

“Why not just do it and get it done with now what is the point of waiting?”

“Stop raising your tone at me, I'm so sick of it I am your Alpha, respect me.”

“I was taught that you allow people to earn your respect, you have not earned any kind of respect from

I watch as his eyes go black knowing that I pushed him to far hoping that he kills me. He grabs a hold
of me and throws me on the bed. I know what is about to happen, but I wasn't afraid I knew his wolf
took over with rage from me resisting him. I try to push him off of me, his strength is overpowering my
body. He doesn't react to my trying to resist him, I know his wolf has taken over. His touch makes my
body shiver, but it's a mix with fear. I don't want this, but he is not going to stop as he rips my clothes off
of me. My body is exposed I try to escape him I know there is no use his strength is too great I can't
escape him. When he goes to unzip his pants, I think it's the best time I could even have attempt to
escape I jump up and I to go run he grabs me by my hair. I scream out to him “please Ivan no don't do
this Ivan stop.” Before I can react, he bends me over the bed and thrusts his hard cock inside me, the
pain is overwhelming tears form running down my cheeks, I let a whimper out “please stop.” He doesn't
react to my words with every thrust pain radiating through my body. I'm not sure how much more I can
take I tried to imagine Sam how gentle and sweet he was, but the pain is overcoming. Each thrust is
harder I start to feel faint I can't handle it just letting go I let everything just go black.

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