Novel Name : Life After the Storm

chapter 26

As I am waiting for Jasmine to come to train not sure when she is coming I don't leave not wanting to
miss her. I hear a knock at the door. I rush to the door thinking it is her but when I open it, I notice it is
Landon. I didn't invite him. I ask "what do you want?"

"May I come in please?"

I don't want him to come in, I am pissed because of the way he treated me. "can't you tell me from
where you're at?"

"Look, I just wanted to apologize for the way I treated you. It was uncalled-for. I was so full of rage and I
took it out on you, I'm sorry."

I want to believe him that he wouldn't try to do that again. It's not like I told him no or tryed to even
stop,, but he treated me like a whore. I also don't want him to think that he affected me in any kind of
way. I don't want to show him any kind of weakness. I am quite not sure how to respond to him.

"Look, Jayden has been asking for you, I have been trying to keep him away because of my own
jealous reasons but would you like to come over for dinner tonight?"

"Sure, I would do anything for Jayden."

Wanting to make it clear that what he did had no effect on me. That he can't break me, that I am strong.
I figure if I keep telling myself that I am that maybe I will eventually believe my own words.

"Great dinner will be done at 7pm . I will see then thank you."

I shut the door not thinking twice about offering him to come in, I know that he wouldn't hurt me. It's just
I don't want to deal with all of it right now. I know that he is not happy, I can see the pain all over his
face and I can feel the sorrow that lingers in his heart. Not understanding how he thinks doing what he
did would make him feel any better.

As I am lost in my thoughts, a knock at the door gets me out of them. I walk over to open it, and that's
when I see Jasmine and two other women. I allow them to walk into my cabin as I move to the side out
of their way.

"I know that I did not mention it before, but I wondered if you could train all of us."

"Of course that is no issue of mine, do you have a place in mind to train out."

"I was thinking if we could just train in your cabin."

I look at her, confused, knowing that the cabin is way too small. "Jasmine, we are going to need more
space than this to train all three of you."

"Look, we don't want our mates to catch us training, we don't want them to believe that we think they
cannot protect us. To be honest, we just want to be able to protect ourselves and a child if we have

"I will do my best to train you all here, but my advice is to talk to your mates, they should understand
and not get upset."

As we start moving furniture out of the way to clear up space for us to be able to train. Knowing there's
not nearly enough space, I think to myself how am I going to train them in this little area. I then come to
the conclusion that I'm only going to be able to train one at a time. As I look into their faces, all I see is
desperation, I need to find a way to make it work.

"Is there any way that I could train you all individually where you guys come at different times."

"Well, I don't know if that will work since we gave our mates the excuse that we are together. To help
you with cooking, teaching you the basics."

"OK, how much time are you able to stay?"

"We told our mates that we would be gone for 2 to 3 hours."

"OK, well, we will just have to split your guys this time up, and I will train one at a time and the others
can bake."

"Okay, that sounds like it would work."

"May I have your guy's name, so I know what to call you." I smile and let out a little giggle.

"Jasmine looks at me and laughs oh my God, I'm so sorry I forgot to introduce you and tell you their
names Bella and Holly."

"It's a pleasure to meet Bella and Holly. Which one of you would like to go first?"

"Jasmine stands and smiles, I will go first, so you can see what is going to be expected of you ladies."

As the other ladies went into the kitchen, I began to stretch telling Jasmine that she should also stretch.
After my body feels ready I Ask Jasmine, "are you ready to learn this will be common sense at first,
then become harder as we go on."

"Yes, let's do this, there is no better time than the present."

"Alright let's get this show on the road. First, most importantly your stance has to be strong. If I push
you, there shouldn't be any way for you to move. You should be in the same stance that you are in now.
So, you want to spread your legs a little with your left foot a little ahead of your right."

"How is this?" She asks me I go to push her, and she almost falls backwards, not realizing that I
pushed her that hard.

"That is terrible, you need to stand your ground and not budge."

"Well, you pushed me a little hard, don't you think?"

"Someone who is trying to hurt you isn't going to push you lightly, they're going to be trying to get your
ass on the ground as fast as possible. So fix your stance you can do this,"

As I am training these women, I now understand why my father would get so frustrated with me and my
brother. I try to make it as easy as possible but when they don't know anything it is difficult for me.
Knowing that they are going to need a lot of training. I am just hoping that they stick to it and don't give
up. As I finish up their training I see they are tired. So, we call it a night.

I go and sit down to rest a little. I then look at the time and I see that it is 7 pm. Knowing I'm supposed
to have dinner with Jayden, I hurry up to change and brush my hair. Knowing that I could have put
more effort into my looks, but why there is no point. I am not looking forward to seeing Landon, I am
just looking forward to seeing Jayden and I know he thinks I'm beautiful no matter what. I run out the
door and head to Jayden's house as fast as I can.

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