Novel Name : Life After the Storm

chapter 28

As soon as I get out the door, I shift into my Wolf. As I hear Star howl I am so relieved she's happy. She
takes off and we run as fast as we can loving the chilly breeze going through our Fur. I can tell that she
enjoys it just as much as I do.

I'm sorry Lily with everything that has happened I had to regain control. Finding out we are pregnant
and everything that has happened with our mate. Especially the fact that we are about to be parents.
I'm freaking out. I needed time to absorb all of it. I'm sorry I'd never left you. I was always there, just

It's OK Star. I'm just happy that you're back. We all need time to adjust to our new life that we are
given. We are going to be parents and I know I am scared, and I guarantee that you are too. Everything
has changed so fast but one thing that has not changed is we have each other forever.

Lilly, I want us to find out what we are. I know that Dean was supposed to start training but why hasn't

I don't know I forgot everything that has happened with Jayden, I forgot I don't know why he hasn't
even approached me about it.

We need to find out what our abilities are, so we can protect our pup from whatever is to come. If we
have each other, there is no questioning our safety, we will protect each other at all costs. We need to
join a pack Lilly. I want to stay here. I want to be a part of this pack.

Oh, star I don't know if it's the right choice to be a part of the pack. Landon is great sometimes when he
wants to be, anyway. He has so many different mood swings he's so hard to follow.

Lilly, you and I both know that we are where we are supposed to be. That there is nowhere else more
than we belong to. I know that we have our issues here, but this is our pack. I think that we really
should make it official. Especially before our pup is born she will need a place to belong.

I know that Star is right, but I'm afraid to accept a pack later to find that they don't want me. I don't want
to be rejected again. It was hard enough when my mate rejected me. I don't want to have to leave here.
Wait, did you say she?

I stop running to take a break, finding out I'm having a girl. I'm excited. I 've been trying to forget that I
was even pregnant but finding out I'm having a girl has made it real. A feeling coming over me, needing
to protect her. Not wanting her to ever feel the pain that I have felt.

Realizing I ran too far as I'm too close to Ivan he will be able to sense what I have done. As I'm feeling
like I'm being watched I stare up to the top of wicked falls, a smell overcomes me. It's the most
amazing smell that I have ever smelled. I can't move, I stand and just inhale it. The satisfaction I'm
getting is remarkable, as I bite my lip trying to control myself.

I hear a deep voice. I know who it is, but I'm frozen. "Lilly, is that really you?"

I turn around to see Ivan. I'm not scared, just turned on by his scent. I can't control myself. My body
doesn't listen to my mind as I shift and stand there naked I hear him let out a growl knowing my body is
exposed for all to see. I run over to him. Our lips connect, I'm so aroused by his touch that my pussy
begins to gush with excitement.

He kisses me back and my body explodes knowing the last time was a time of horror, but I don't care I
want him more than I have ever wanted anything. As I push him down to the ground, he falls back
easily and allows me to do as I please. I get on top of him waiting to be satisfied loving being in control.
It's time for me to take what I want from him. As I unzip his pants, I can see his excitement as he has
pre-cum on his cock I bend down licking his pre-cum off his cock loving the taste of his cock wanting to
taste all of him.

As he lets out a moan of pleasure, my pussy even gushes more for him. God, the excitement that is
overcoming is mind-blowing. I lean up, so I can insert his cock into my nice wet pussy, feeling it

throbbing in my hand. I bit my lip full of excitement Once I get his feel length inside I began to fuck him.
As our pleasure moans echo through the falls. Not caring who hears us as cum my body shivers with

As I slow, he isn't finished. He grabs a hold of my hips and forces my hips to move. Loving the way it
feels and my body wanting more of him. I can't stop even though I don't want to satisfy him, but I can't
help but want more of him. Once I feel his warm liquid, my body collapses on top of him.

I rest on top, forgetting all that he has put me through. As I go to get up, he puts his arms around me
gently with barely any force, knowing I could run but surprisingly not wanting too.

"Lilly, I'm so sorry for what I have done to you."

As I look in beautiful blue eyes, "I'm not going back with you, I found where I belong."

His eyes go black, I know that he is angry. "You belong with me, no one else."

"Ivan, you are marrying someone else. I will not live in misery. I deserve better."

His eyes that are black go back to being blue, I know that he has calmed down. "Can you just tell me
where you will be, so I can just check on you, I won't bother you, I promise."

"When you show that I can trust you I will but for now, let's just free each other."

Knowing I will always have a piece of him since his baby is growing inside me. I can't tell him he won't
let me leave. He will make me stay to just take our baby away from me. I go to get up as he grabs me

"I have to go. I don't belong here, I belong somewhere else. I finally found happiness."

I know that he is struggling to let me go, but he does. I shift and take off, looking back making sure he
isn't following me. Shocked by what has just happened but relieved that I don't have to live In fear of

Lilly, I want to be with my mate. We need to go back. Star, that is not where we belong, we are needed
elsewhere, and he is marrying someone else. We need to move on from this. Please, Lilly, I want to go
back. Star I'm not going back to a life that will only be full of misery. We deserve better.

I block her out knowing I'm doing the right thing. I finally want to be a part of a pack, and it's not Ivan's
pack but Landon's pack. I will survive without my mate. I don't need him. Landon's pack needs me,
they need my protection. I want to train and help in ways only I can.

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