Novel Name : Life After the Storm

chapter 32

When I hear star's words, my heart aches knowing that something is happening. I stand up and fight
through the pain and shift. I take off knowing that I need to find him, so I can help him. Knowing that he
doesn't deserve it,, but my child deserves to have a father. I don't want him dead, he needs to survive.

I can feel the pain worsen and ease up at the same time. Then I wonder if he is being tortured.
Wondering if they are torturing him almost to death but not actually allowing him to die just being barely
alive. Is that why I am feeling this pain what is happening. I'm running as fast as I can, trying to pick up
his scent, hoping I won't be too late?

He is an alpha, he is strong so why is he on the verge of dying. As I become closer, I'm surprised by
what I see. I see Ivan tied to a tree, tears fill my eyes at the sight of his agony. I run up to the tree then
touch him as his head comes up, he looks at me with black eyes full of anger. Once he realizes it's me,
his eyes go blue, and he says my name.

"Oh my God Ivan, what has happened to you who has done this?"

"Lily you need to run and don't ever come back here please you're not safe. Let me here to die, just run

"Ivan, I can't let you hear to die , you're going to be a father, our daughter is going to need you."

He looks at me with tears in his eyes, it's almost like he's broken. Knowing how it feels, I put my hands
on his wounds to help heal them. When I see it's not working I shift. I then allow star to lick all of his
wounds until the blood is gone. Hoping that he hasn't lost so much that he will faint. Knowing I will
never be able to carry him.

As most of his wounds are no longer bleeding, I shift back to my human and untie his body from the
tree. I try to help to where his body doesn't hit the ground hard. But he is definitely not light, so he

doesn't hit the ground as softly as he should. Once he hits the ground, I hear a groan. I'm so thankful
that he's awake and that he's alive.

As I hear twigs breaking, I become nervous hoping that it is not another Wolf,, especially the Wolf that
has been torturing him. I jumped and looked back, I noticed Landon standing there. As he gets closer, I
can see the confusion in his eyes. I want to explain everything, but there's no point. He doesn't care.

"I followed you Jayden wanted me to make sure that you were but you look just fine to me.

"Landon, I wanted to tell you my story, but you chose not to hear it. Ivan is my mate. I felt his pain. I
knew he was in danger, he's the father of my child. I could not allow him to die and have my daughter
never meet her father, and it is my fault. So, you can sit and judge and do whatever you please, I don't
care, I'm done caring about what you think of me."

"Lilly Jenny is supposed to be with Landon and his pack, what if they got attacked?"

When I look at his face, I can see he is terrified. Wondering if something has happened to his sister.
"Landon, let's take Ivan back to your territory and get some of your warriors. We can't go alone if there
is an attack."

"You just want to take your mate to my territory to be safe, and who cares who else suffers."

"What the fuck we can't stand here and argue about this, we are wasting time if they need our help."

Landon goes quiet, not sure what he plans to do. I decided not to waste any time. With this fight, it's
just not worth it. I see his point, but I also see mine. If they're strong enough to take down an Alpha, it
could be too much trouble that we would be walking into. We need help so we our able to defend

"Ivan, I need you to help me hold some of your own weight."

As I'm trying to get him to his feet, he is so unsteady that he is almost making me fall. It doesn't stop
me, I struggle to get him to safety. As it almost seems like he is coming in and out of consciousness.
"Ivan, stay awake please, you need to help me. I need to get you somewhere safe."

"Lilly, I was attacked. You need to save my pack. I don't know if they will go after them please."

"Ivan, I need to make sure that you 're okay first."

"Lilly, I never deserved you, I'm sorry that you got stuck with me as a mate."

All of a sudden he becomes lighter, I then notice that Landon went on the other side of him. I am so
thankful that he decided to help me. I know that he must have seen my struggle. But not sure why he
decided to help, but glad he did. Now that Landon is helping me, we are moving along faster.

As we enter Landon's territory I look over at him, let's just take him to my cabin so he can rest there.
So, we don't alarm everyone by walking him through your territory, people may panic."

He says nothing, we just go to my cabin. Once we get there, Landon helps me lay him on the bed. I go
to walk away but Ivan grabs me, "Thank you, Lilly."

"Landon, we need to hurry to go and see if others need our help."

"No, as you were walking back I went to look over his territory there was no attack."

"What do you mean then he was targeted but why?"

"I need to talk to his Beta and find out what is going on."

"Wait if he is being targeted then it would put him in danger telling where he is "

"Lilly, his pack needs to know his whereabouts."

"He had to know his attacker, there wouldn't be any way they would have injured him so badly, can we
at least just wait until he is healed please."

"No, I'm not hiding another Alpha on my territory."

"Landon, he could be in danger, please."

"Fine, just for one night."

"Thank you."

"He had to know his attacker, there wouldn't be any way they would have injured him so badly, can we
at least just wait until he is healed please."

“No, I'm not hiding another Alpha on my territory."
“Landon, he could be in danger, please."
"Fine, just for one night."

“Thank you."

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