Novel Name : Life After the Storm

Chapter 55


As I am laying on the floor, I'm not sure how I got here or what the fuck is going on. I'm not sure what
room I'm in. It doesn't look familiar at all. My head is pounding I go to touch my neck, fuck as I touch it I
feel pain. Then a smell begins to overpower my nostrils and almost makes me weak in my knees. I go
to look up, and that's when I see the most beautiful she-wolf that I have ever seen in my entire life.

She looks so beautiful with her green eyes and her long brown hair as she is looking at me. I see
instant fear, not sure why she is so afraid of me. I look down at her body, loving her naked body. As I let
a growl out, making sure it's known that she is mine. Not liking that her body is exposed, I want to
cover her, but I can see that she fears me and I want to avoid frightening her more than what she
already is.

She is so beautiful, but why is she so fucking against me, I have never met another she-wolf that
wasn't head over heals for me. God, I will not kiss her ass to make her choose to be with me. I won't
force her. What is the fucking point? I'm not fucking sure why she thinks that she is forced to be with
her mate. She fucking marked me for what if she didn't want to be with me in the first place.

How doesn't she know that the connection between mates is incomplete until both are marked? Is she
an idiot? I don't know what is going to happen if she wants to leave. I can't keep her here if she doesn't
want to be here. I wonder how can she hate me so much when we just met? The way she looks at me
is like I'm the person who hunts her dreams.

I want to feel her touch so badly, but I don't want to ruin any chance that I may have to win her over, if
that is even possible. As she walks past me, her smell is making me crazy. I want to feel her body
against mine. God, when she walks pass me, it is breathtaking. God, I can't even imagine what her
fucking touch feels like. Then I began to think could I really let my mate just walk out of my life even if
she wanted to?

I hear the shower turn on. I want to go and ask if I can join, but I know that she is not comfortable with
me and I don't want to ruin any chance of maybe gaining her trust if it's at all possible. I don't know
what I'm going to do, fuck. How am I going to win her over? I guess I will be mateless if she doesn't
come around damn it. I'm not sure if I should just wait to see maybe I can win her over.

As I look around the bedroom, I notice that the room is definitely not mine, but it smells of my mate. It
smells of her blood, what has happened to my poor mate. Who has been hurting my mate? Was it
really me that hurt her? I only smell me and her, and another smell of a child. What if all that she has
said is true? Have I been hurting her?

When I was waking up, I knew that everything seemed wrong, like a dream, but I couldn't remember
anything about her. This room shows that there was something happening that just wasn't right. As I
see the chains on the headboard and my belts that are covered in blood. As I walk over to pick up the
belts, that is when I smell the blood on my belt, knowing it is know one other than my mate's blood.

What is happening I would never hurt anyone let alone my own mate. Am I losing my fucking mind? I
become lost and unsure of what has been happening, not sure why I'm having so much trouble
remembering what has happened lately. I couldn't have been in a fog this whole time. Is it really
possible that I have I been doing horrible things to her, not even knowing what the fuck I was doing?

I need to talk to my father and see what the hell is going on. It seems that time has been moving, but I
wasn't here. I'm so confused. I need to figure this out. I don't want to leave my mate, but I know that
she really doesn't like me that much, anyway. In order to figure out what has happened, I need to go
and see. Maybe he will have some kind of clue about what has taken place. I don't say a word to my
mate, and I just take off.

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