Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 247

As soon as Su Xinlan finished speaking, a pair of strong hands took the plate of charcoal-coloured things from Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu turned her head and met Yun Ting’s determined face.
Also, he was stuffing something black and charred into his mouth.
“Don’t eat it, it’s burnt.” Lin Mumu wanted to snatch it from Yun Ting, but unfortunately she wasn’t tall enough and her strength was not enough, so she couldn’t grab it.
Lin Mumu had no choice but to scratch Yun Ting’s creaking nest.
Yun Ting just turned around casually, stuffed things into his mouth, and let Lin Mumu make a fuss.
Su Xinlan and the others went out with their finished products winking, leaving the kitchen to Lin Mumu and Yun Ting.
“Yun Ting, are you stupid? It’s so unpalatable…” Lin Mumu almost cried out of anger.
“Well, it’s quite unpalatable. Make more next time, and I’ll bring it to the army for training.” Yun Ting nodded.
Can’t you comfort others?
Lin Mumu gave Yun Ting a helpless look, and suddenly didn’t want to care about him anymore! Anyway, he ate it all!
Seeing Lin Mumu’s angry little face, Yun Ting couldn’t help being in a good mood, and reached out to caress her face.
Lin Mumu quickly backed away, for this bastard whose body movements could turn into a fight at any time, Lin Mumu had already mastered his habits.
“Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and there are still guests, and I still want to make mooncakes.” Lin Mumu said the reason heartlessly by the way. So, we can’t go back to the room now.
Yun Ting’s hand still fell on Lin Mumu’s face, and then gently rubbed her cheek.
“Go and look in the mirror.”
“Huh?” Lin Mumu hurried to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and she was startled when she saw that there were several black and white marks on her face, which looked really spectacular.
Wait, these few. Lin Mumu compared the marks, how could it feel like Yun Ting wiped them last.
“This black guy!”
Lin Mumu took advantage of the situation and washed her face, wondering why Yun Ting was still in the kitchen, and chased after him to look.
At this moment, Yun Ting had put on his apron and was making a mooncake.
“You want to cook by yourself?” Lin Mumu, who had washed her little face, looked much fresher and fairer, making people want to take a bite. However, the little cat was not as cute as before.
“Baking mooncakes.” Yun Ting casually touched Lin Mumu’s face with his wet fingers.
Lin Mumu suffered a loss once, so she won’t be fooled a second time, and she quickly avoided it.
“Hey, sit aside and don’t make trouble.”
“Oh.” Lin Mumu obediently sat down on the small bench in the kitchen.
Few people lived in their family, the rooms were spacious and the kitchen was big. There were also two small benches on the side, allowing people to sit and chat while choosing dishes.
Lin Mumu was sitting on the small bench, tilting her head to watch Yun Ting knead the dough.
Yun Ting didn’t even change his clothes when he got home, he just took off his coat and wore an army green short-sleeved casual shirt, revealing his bronzed arms and tight muscles.
She didn’t expect the camouflage pants to outline his long-legged lines, but they couldn’t support Yun Ting’s height of 1.88 meters. The standard long legs could hold everything. Coupled with his long-term training habit of standing straight, the camouflage pants could also show off his long legs.
Coupled with his tough and handsome face, his bronze-coloured skin was unique to people of the yellow race, which made him look neither too dark nor too feminine.
The gesture that was supposed to make people spurt blood was destroyed by a calico apron.
Lin Mumu’s last sight fell on Yun Ting’s apron. This was what Yun Ting pulled off Lin Mumu’s body just now, and then covered on himself.