Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 248

Lin Mumu liked floral styles, whether it was clothes or aprons.
But the floral-style apron looked cute when it was around Lin Mumu, but it was a bit nondescript when it was placed around Yun Ting.
“What are you looking at?” Yun Ting’s senses were so keen, Lin Mumu’s eyes couldn’t escape his feeling at all.
“Because you look good. I can’t help but take a second look.” Feeling guilty, Lin Mumu quickly made up an excuse, and her eyes wandered, for fear that Yun Ting would discover her real purpose.
Yun Ting pulled the corners of his lips lightly, just like Lin Mumu’s heartless appearance, compared to criminals, her acting skills were much worse. Her sight had long been caught by Yun Ting. Wasn’t it just an apron? If she liked to look at it, let her look at it more.
Yun Ting continued to shake the apron in front of Lin Mumu, put the finished moon cakes into the oven, and adjusted the time.
The next step was to wait for the batch to come out, so he prepared the next batch by the way.
Afraid that Lin Mumu would be bored, Yun Ting took the phone from his pocket and handed it to her: “Help me check and type these two relations.”
Lin Mumu concentrated on watching, and ignored Yun Ting and the moon cakes.
During this time, Su Xinlan pushed the door and looked, and found that the two were in harmony, so she didn’t disturb them.
After a while, the “ding” sound of the oven pulled back Lin Mumu’s gaze on the phone.
She stared anxiously at the oven, waiting to see if the mooncakes baked by Yun Ting were raw or burnt. If it was burnt, she wouldn’t have the courage to stuff black coke into her mouth like Yun Ting did.
“Go and open it.” Yun Ting handed the anti-scalding gloves to Lin Mumu.
“If it’s broken, don’t come to me!” Lin Mumu opened the oven and cast a shadow!
But when she saw Yun Ting open the oven door, she still put on gloves and took out the contents.
The golden mooncakes exuded a tempting sweetness.
Lin Mumu was a little hungry.
“It smells so delicious.”
“Well, put it in.” Yun Ting gave her a new plate.
Lin Mumu put it in obediently, now she could only worship Yun Ting. He could even bake mooncakes!
Afterwards, Yun Ting gave a few more instructions, and Lin Mumu subconsciously adjusted the oven scale obediently.
“In the future, I can do these things, you don’t need to learn.” Yun Ting’s voice sounded very casual, but there was something else in it.
Lin Mumu tilted her head to look at him: “Then what are you not capable of? Why do I think there is nothing you can’t do?”
“I don’t know how to have children.”
It turned out that Yun Ting also had such a sense of humor, who said he was cold faced Hades? Let’s come out and talk?
“Actually, I was only thinking about the Mid-Autumn Festival. I will personally make mooncakes for you and the master. I didn’t expect…” Lin Mumu felt a little guilty, she had been tossing about all day.
Lin Mumu, Chen Fangya, Liu Yuanyuan, and An Xiaoqin learned how to make mooncakes from Su Xinlan. The other three had already learned how to make mooncakes at noon. Even if they didn’t reach the master level, they could at least bake them.
She was the only one who was full of trees and created mooncakes in a variety of conditions.
As if feeling Lin Mumu’s discouragement, Yun Ting patted her on the head: “When this oven is finished roasting, you will be the one who baked it. When the time is up, you can take it out and serve it to your master and senior brother.”
“Is this all right?”
Lin Mumu’s eyes were shining, the oven was of course no problem, it would never fail just because she adjusted the scale, so this oven could basically be done. “Does it count it as cheating?”
“No.” Yun Ting lovingly broke open a freshly baked mooncake and gave half of it to Lin Mumu: “Mine is yours, and what we bake together is also yours.”
Yes, this explanation was very good, there was nothing wrong with it!