Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 249

“Yes, yes, yes! Yun Ting, I love you so much!” Lin Mumu rushed over excitedly and gave Yun Ting a big hug.
It was just that when she wanted to stop, she found that she was bound tightly by someone, and she could no longer retreat.
The problem was, she still had moon cakes in her hand!
“Don’t make trouble, I want to eat mooncakes.” Lin Mumu shook her hand holding the mooncakes in front of Yun Ting.
Unexpectedly, this person who belonged to wolf tribe actually took away her moon cake in one bite!
Now Lin Mumu was dumbfounded.
What she had been waiting for so long was going to be snatched away?
Hmph, don’t blame her for being unkind.
The mooncakes they made were smaller than the ones sold outside, but half a piece was still a bit heavy, and after Yun Ting bit into it, half of it was exposed.
Lin Mumu took advantage of the situation, took a bite, and stole the mooncake into her mouth. She didn’t forget to show a provocative look at Yun Ting, and her small eyes drifted to Yun Ting’s hand. Lin Mumu remembered that he also had half a mooncake in his hand.
It was a pity that Yun Ting’s hands were wrapped around her neck and lower back, securing her in his arms, so Lin Mumu couldn’t bite his hands.
After eating the mooncakes, she struggled to get out of his embrace. The kitchen door was unlocked, and Su Xinlan and the others could come in at any time.
But Yun Ting suddenly lifted her head back and put his mouth on her lips.
Lin Mumu opened her eyes wide and tapped his back in protest.
This ba****d was so embarrassing.
But soon, Lin Mumu blinked and didn’t move.
Because what came into her mouth was the remaining quarter of a mooncake.
After so many years and so many Mid-Autumn Festivals, this was the first time she ate moon cakes in this way.
The mooncakes had a sweet bean paste flavour that was popular in the north. It melted in the mouth, and the layers of sweet taste remained between the lips and teeth, staining her crimson lips with a layer of sweetness.
Yun Ting could also taste the taste of Lin Mumu’s lips.
The heat kept rising.
The sound of the door opening brought Lin Mumu back to her senses, and after pushing Yun Ting away with embarrassing face, she was a little at a loss.
Fortunately, the door was only opened, and no one came in.
And the life-saving oven also issued a beep at this time.
Lin Mumu took a deep breath, and hurriedly went to get the mooncakes in the oven.
Yun Ting just watched her being busy and stopped doing anything.
Someone really opened the door just now, and that person, Lin Mumu should be able to see him right away.
Lin Mumu took the mooncakes and hurried to the master’s room.
Yun Ting did not go with her, but went out to say hello to Nanny Wang: “The kitchen is free.”
He and Lin Mumu took up the time in the kitchen, so it was inconvenient for Nanny Wang to come in to cook, and it was also inconvenient for Su Xinlan and the others to come in.
Now that they were gone, the few of them swarmed into the kitchen.
An Xiaoqin and Su Xinlan would go home for the Mid-Autumn Festival, so they planned to bake few more cakes to take home to honor the elderly.
Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan had no other place to go anyway, so they planned to stay here to celebrate the festival with Lin Mumu, but Chen Fangya also wanted to make cakes for senior brother Zhou Qiang and Lin Tianlang, while Liu Yuanyuan was also thinking about Uncle and Yaya who were going to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival alone at the flower and bird market.
The kitchen became lively again, several girls chattered and marvelled at Yun Ting’s work, but they didn’t do anything, knowing that it was left by Yun Ting to Lin Mumu.
They also sighed, and in An Xiaoqin’s words: “If there is a young major general under the age of 30 who is willing to cook for me, I will marry him immediately! I will definitely not hesitate! Or, if he is under 35 years old, I will still marry him!”