Alpha Luka And His Human Mate

Chapter 2

Luka's pov

One year later

"Luka dude get your ass up!"

I groaned in response as Caleb tried to get me out of bed for the umpteenth time today.

I grabbed a pillow and chucked it in his direction, successfully hitting him square in the face. A small
smile took over my lips as I saw him huff in annoyance.

"Come on man. I'm taking you out of town to have some fun. You need it" He complained, and I knew
damn well that he'd be back if I didn't oblige.

Sighing, I gave into his plea and reluctantly got out of bed. He gave me a victorious smile and I had to
resist the urge to roll my eyes at his childish behaviour.

Over the past year, he has really been there for me. He kept me out of my darkest places as much as
he could and I couldn't help but be grateful. However, that didn't stop the darkness when he was gone

It has been hard, harder than I thought it would be. Every time I was in me and Ella's room, I would feel
emptier than usual. Her scent was everywhere and I couldn't stand it. I moved out of our room only
three weeks after her funeral. It became too hard for me to even sleep and that affected everything.

My mom and little sister, Emma, tried to get me to move on way too quickly. I snapped at them one day
and they have been staying away since then, only checking in with me to see if I'm still alive, I assume.

I was never the man that acted tough and emotionless. We all have feelings and nobody ever judged
me for being sad. They became distant though, they wanted the old me back too fast and I just couldn't

do that for them yet.

I don't even think I could do it for myself, ever.

My dad only sends Caleb to do his dirty work for him since he's the only one who can get through to
me in some sense. That was because he understood and didn't push me to do things I didn't want to
do. He was here to help me heal, not force me to act like nothing happened and be 'their Luka' again.

Maybe I was being selfish, but the break of a mate bond does a lot to you.

I made my way out to the living room after throwing on a white tee shirt and some jeans, not even
bothering to fix my messy dark hair.

"Hey bro! You got out of bed today. You look.... well." I scoffed at my smaller brother's 'bluntness' as I
made my way over to him to give him a bro hug.

"Yea your Beta dragged me out of bed. Probably worried I would wallow in my own sorrow or
something. You know, especially today" He nodded, understanding what I meant, but said nothing.

We sat in silence as he looked over some documents in his hands, I assumed it had to do with pack

Frowning a little, I got up and made my way to the kitchen to get some juice before Caleb got back. I
actually missed being Alpha. It tears me apart every time someone calls me Luka instead of Alpha. It's
not that I'm power hungry or anything, but it actually physically hurts to give away your birthright. But I
had to do it, for the pack.

After coming to terms with the fact that she's gone, it really took a toll on not just me, but my wolf. We
were restless and I couldn't function right. I still can't.

My pack was getting afraid of me, and it hurt like hell. It hurt that I was failing my pack. That pain plus
the pain of a broken mate bond was literally torture.

So I sat down with my dad and brother one day and told them that I wanted to resign as Alpha. My dad
wouldn't have it though, so he said I would simply take a break until I'm 'fit to resume my duties', like
that would ever happen. I wasn't planning on sticking around for it either...

Walking out of the kitchen feeling somewhat refreshed, I slowly made my way back to the living room
when I heard whispers from Ty and Caleb. I could hear every word though. Didn't they remember that I
have werewolf hearing?

"He really needs it man. I just hope it will help get his mind off Risella" I heard Caleb whisper to my
brother, while my heart broke a little, or that's what it feels like given that my heart was no longer there.

It has been so long since I've heard her name, nobody ever mentions her anymore.

"Thanks bro. You know, for helping Luka when he needs it. Sometimes I feel like he's gone off the
edge" Ty whispered back with something that sounded like a sigh.

I just scoffed. He didn't even know how ironic that statement was.

I made my presence known by clearing my throat as I leaned against the doorway, and they looked
kind of taken back, but chose not to say anything.

Caleb and I made our way into town, the human territory as I called it. He refused to tell me where we
were going but I gotta make the best of it, given that I won't enjoy anything again.

We pulled up at something that looked like a.... carnival? You've got to be kidding me.

"Dude are you five!" I exclaimed, shaking my head a little at his goofy grin.

"Nah but It'll be fun! Come on you use to love the carnival when we were kids even though you acted
like you hated it because we were forced to go together"

I laughed a little at the memories. I really did like the carnival. And even though Caleb doesn't know
this, it's where I brought Ella on our first 'date', as she put it.

We're wolves but she always liked to do things in a human way. I never complained though.

This will seem like I'm with her one last time.


The day went by quite quickly and I had to say, I actually had fun. I knew it would be hard to say
goodbye to everyone, so I didn't. I was never good at goodbyes.

Caleb and I were walking towards the car with our faces painted like seven year olds and cotton candy
in our hands. I'll forever remember him for this. He's probably going to hate me tomorrow, so I held on
the moments today.

"So we can go back now or we can go wherever you wanna go. The night is still young" He said,
wiggling his eyebrows suggestively with his goofy grin. I simply smiled and shook my head.

"Actually I'm going for a run in the woods near the river. My wolf is a little antsy" I lied right to his
face. He didn't look convinced but nodded in some understanding.

"Well I guess I'll see you later then" He said, more sounding like a question than a statement.

"Ugh.. Yea I will see you later Caleb" I felt my chest clench a little at my lie.

This guy has had my back and now I felt like I was betraying him, putting all his efforts to waste. Call
me weak, but I just can't stay here. I had to leave.

"Oh and Caleb." I whispered as he turned around before heading into his car. " Um, thanks for
everything, man. I couldn't have made it so far without you. And I ah- I love you bro"

I scratched the back of my neck awkwardly as he looked at me slightly taken aback but mostly worried.
I took that as a sign to leave before he questioned me, so I swiftly made my way toward the woods.

"Uh I-uh- I love you too bro!" I heard him shout back before I took the turn. I felt slightly at peace as I
made my way towards the clearing.

It looked the same as the last time I was here and I had to resist the urge to run away after all the
memories kept rushing back. I made my way over to the edge of the cliff and sat down with my legs
hanging off.

I looked at the empty spot beside me, the place she sat the last time I saw her. I smiled a little, feeling
like she was there with me.

"You know I miss you a lot Ella. Everyday it gets harder when you're not here. I feel the emptiness
consuming me day after day and I try Ella, I try so hard to find peace again, and to be the Alpha, son,
brother and friend for everyone again but I can't babe. I just can't pretend anymore" I was fully sobbing
in that moment, but I didn't care.

"You know, Caleb has been helping me. He's kinda the reason I held out so long. And I know I've failed
you but I want you to forgive me. Forgive me for not looking hard enough, forgive me for not being
strong enough right now and carrying your legacy with pride, forgive me for being weak" My voice
cracked at the end as I tried to hold back another whimper from my wolf, but it was harder than I
thought it would be.

" I love you so much Ella. And I hope I'll see you again when I join you, so please don't reject me. I
gave up on this life, but I never gave up on us"

Call me delusional but she's my one true mate. I won't be happy again without her. Ever.

With a shaky breath, I got up and looked to the sky. The moon was shining in all of its glory, probably
getting ready to welcome me as I leave this life.

Looking down, I saw the water splashing against the rocks as if calling me to join it. I closed my eyes,
welcoming the feeling of being alive one last time.

Moving a little closer, I looked down one last time, getting ready to take my fall... I knew there was no
turning back.

"Well would you look at that... Fancy seeing someone here in MY spot"